Don’t Forget Me Now

Mmmmmmmm. I know I posted a Ciara track just the other day, but, not to be repetitive or anything, it’s getting colder and we need some smooth tunes to keep things hot indoors late at night. It’s nine years now since Aaliyah passed on, and right now I’m going through this weird obsessive post-Aaliyah revisionist thing, from the Caving version of We Need A Resolution to The-Dream’s cover of One In A Million to this daaaaaaaaamn sexy blend of Rock The Boat and, well, I’m showing myself up here but I really don’t know. Young San Diegoan Mawkus has gifted us this deliciously seductive lil thing to spice up your evenings. It’s not called the Panty Dropper Blend for nothing. It’s in the James Blake school of sound, with its soft, glistening synths and gentle kicks and snares, hypnotic rattles, swooshing melodies, all coasting nicely under Aaliyah’s timeless vocals. I will admit they have been a teeeeeny bit time-stretched, but we’ll forgive him because it all works pretty damn well.


Check out dude’s other work on his Soundcloud. Oh and if anyone wants to put me out of my misery and ID the instro, go ahead. ?

Aidan Hanratty

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Me Now”

  1. Instro is the Stuyvesants – Panty Dropper. I shared it w/ Mawkus via the Martini & Jopparelli music selections blog. Get familiarrrrrr.

    1. Hey, I neglected to put the ‘s’ on my soundcloud link. Figured I didn’t want people going to some dude who makes jungle. correct:

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