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Recommended: Tsvi – Malfunction EP

Perhaps a limitless agenda is more of a detriment than a virtue in some respects. Online statistics, an objective gauge of popularity in music for most, in this instance intimate to us that a good chunk of label B. YRSLF … Continue reading

29. January 2015 by Michael Scala
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Recommended: Delta Funktionen – Setup One: Decorum

Reissues and represses were aplenty in 2014, but it’s not something we often cover here on Truants. In terms of a few highlights, Donato Dozzy & Neel put out the brilliant Aquaplano Sessions compilation, Berceuse Heroique put out an old 2002 … Continue reading

18. December 2014 by Riccardo Villella
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Recommended: Lord Raja – A Constant Moth

Since two weeks ago, and via the vast keenness of the people behind Ghostly International, we’ve had the pleasure of ruminating with a masterfully crafted debut LP, “A Constant Moth“. The LP comes by way of Chester Anand, who dons the Lord … Continue reading

17. December 2014 by Michael Scala
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Recommended: Gage – Bad Bitch ft. Kevin Jz Prodigy

This year, the extent of grime’s cross-pollination with other genres, styles and cultures has been center of the spotlight for many. We’ve heard it take on things as near as its similarly-youthful London sibling dubstep, reach as far out to … Continue reading

10. December 2014 by Tayyab Amin
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Recommended: Lily – Memory Jacket

Lily is a Bristol-based producer whose sporadic work over the past three years has captured our attention by virtue of its off-kilter brilliance. They first came to our attention on the Don’t Be Afraid offshoot Spargel Trax, the oddly affecting “Dollen Haze” … Continue reading

05. December 2014 by Aidan Hanratty
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