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Chronicles: Black Milk – If There’s A Hell Below

Introductions to Curtis Cross have become infrequent and unnecessary in recent times. But if need be, Black Milk is a producer and MC from Detroit who, in light of a growing economy of critics and fans who credit the real and raw in … Continue reading

25. November 2014 by Michael Scala
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Recommended: Katie Gately / TLAOTLON – Split Series #23

The work of Katie Gately is astonishing to behold. Without wishing to resort to hyperbole, there is simply no other artist exploring sound in a manner even close to the exploratory bravery of this LA-based producer. Since we first heard … Continue reading

21. November 2014 by Aidan Hanratty
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Recommended: Avalon Emerson – Let Me Love & Steal EP

On October 12, we were presented with yet another sublime record from a young producer whose relatively meek recognition seems to not yet be totally commensurate with her solid product. The discerning Truants reader has been introduced to Avalon Emerson, … Continue reading

10. November 2014 by Michael Scala
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Recommended: Murlo – Into Mist EP

It’s hard to be conservative with superlatives for an artist as singular as Murlo. With releases on Mixpak, Glacial Sound and Unknown to the Unknown as well as a host of other songs and refixes and an early entry in … Continue reading

06. November 2014 by Tayyab Amin
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Recommended: Life Between Screens (curated by Manni Dee)

With the never-ending onslaught of the modern-day content wars, it’s appropriate sometimes to sit back and take a break from it all. Techno producer Manni Dee, of Perc Trax and Electronic Explorations fame, has done exactly this with his Life … Continue reading

04. November 2014 by Aidan Hanratty
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