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Chronicles: Travis Scott – Days Before Rodeo

You probably know Travis Scott as the mysterious protege of Kanye West. You may have seen him on the 2013 XXL Freshman List and you may have seen him in the credits of Kanye’s Cruel Summer and Yeezus. You’ve probably heard controversies … Continue reading

23. September 2014 by Kyle Brayton
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Review: Vessel – Punish, Honey

Context can direct the effects of art completely, and it can be a proper dastardly thing. With Punish, Honey, Sebastian Gainsborough’s second full-length as Vessel, there seems to be an asynchronous relationship between his intentions and the reception of the … Continue reading

22. September 2014 by Tayyab Amin
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Recommended : Sully – Blue EP

Jungle has a special vibe unlike any of the sounds to come from the London. Like Ben UFO, most of us never went to Blue Note, Roast, Innersense, Thunder & Joy, A.W.O.L or Jungle Fever for that matter – guess it’s called jungle … Continue reading

30. June 2014 by Koyejo Oloko
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Recommended: Mohammad – Zo Rèl Do

We’re sat in the town square. The sound of the life around us buzzes in our ears; the coherent yet unintelligible voices of our neighbours and the townsfolk find their way to us, occasionally belonging to children, and even less … Continue reading

26. June 2014 by Tayyab Amin
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Recommended: Obsession Recordings 002

Two minutes into Primitive World‘s ‘Purple Caps’ there arrives a jagged, distorted guitar-like bassline. In tune with the warped synth globs that have preceded it, it points the track in a rugged, industrial direction. What follows isn’t quite expected, however, … Continue reading

24. June 2014 by Aidan Hanratty
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