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Recommended: Ondness – Them Corja

If -ness denotes the quality, state or character of an abstract noun, then what is ond? An abstract abstraction, perhaps. An empty signifier, signifying nothing, on to which the reader can project whatever they so choose. Confounding meaning further is … Continue reading

23. March 2015 by Aidan Hanratty
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Recommended: Rights – The Meaning EP

For what seems like forever, there’s been that vague notion of “future” promulgated around and applied to modify existing forms like garage and house, or used in tandem with the all-encompassing bass. Instead of denoting characteristics that are cutting-edge, its … Continue reading

11. March 2015 by Michael Scala
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Review: Jam City – Dream A Garden LP

“Things were looking bad today / I didn’t know what to say / And the sirens are far away / But I never ever felt this way.” So ends “Crisis”, a B-side number from Jam City’s second album, Dream A Garden. The words, and … Continue reading

03. March 2015 by Erin Mathias
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Recommended: C Plus Plus – Cearà

As observers of American label cum curatorial servicer Apothecary Compositions, it’s not at all surprising how we once again are presented with work from a producer who inhabits a junction of disparate modes. While being a “jack of all trades” … Continue reading

24. February 2015 by Michael Scala
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Recommended: Fold – Mr W00D

Rob Glassett first came to our attention as one half of Homepark. Alongside production partner Sam Fussell, the duo’s music has led to releases on labels such as bliq and Chez Damier’s Courtesy of Balance Recordings. Away from Homepark, Glassett also … Continue reading

19. February 2015 by Matt Gibney
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