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Recommended : Sully – Blue EP

Jungle has a special vibe unlike any of the sounds to come from the London. Like Ben UFO, most of us never went to Blue Note, Roast, Innersense, Thunder & Joy, A.W.O.L or Jungle Fever for that matter – guess it’s called jungle … Continue reading

30. June 2014 by Koyejo Oloko
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Recommended: Mohammad – Zo Rèl Do

We’re sat in the town square. The sound of the life around us buzzes in our ears; the coherent yet unintelligible voices of our neighbours and the townsfolk find their way to us, occasionally belonging to children, and even less … Continue reading

26. June 2014 by Tayyab Amin
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Recommended: Obsession Recordings 002

Two minutes into Primitive World‘s ‘Purple Caps’ there arrives a jagged, distorted guitar-like bassline. In tune with the warped synth globs that have preceded it, it points the track in a rugged, industrial direction. What follows isn’t quite expected, however, … Continue reading

24. June 2014 by Aidan Hanratty
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Recommended: JoeFarr – Sentry EP

In a stellar couple of years Bintus‘ Power Vacuum label has established itself as one of the finest purveyors of the harder club-flattening side of techno. JoeFarr brings us the label’s ninth release; having shared a track with J.Tijn on … Continue reading

18. June 2014 by Antoin Lindsay
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Chronicles: Kit – Lownt God Rising

Chicago upstart (how many times have we heard that since 2012?) Kit is something of an anomaly. At some point along the lengthy, recreating spectrum of hip-hop and R&B the Midwest provides us with year after year (and which enthusiasts … Continue reading

16. June 2014 by Michael Scala
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