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Recommended: Monoak – Resolute EP

For those of us who have never had the pleasure or the privilege of attending the fabled Freerotation festival in Wales, the glut of live recordings that have surfaced over the past few years merely provides a taste of what’s … Continue reading

31. January 2016 by Aidan Hanratty
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Truancy Volume 136: Happa

For producers, it must be fairly difficult to look back at your early productions or debut release and be able to have a critical stance on them, especially in contrast to where you’ve possibly come from since then. In a small … Continue reading

14. January 2016 by Koyejo Oloko
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Premiere: Howes – Zeroset

In some ways, the sound of John Howes, who makes music simply under his surname Howes, is a fair reflection of Manchester where he resides having moved there from Newcastle for university. It’s pretty much always overcast or raining, but within … Continue reading

06. January 2016 by Antoin Lindsay
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Chronicles: Goth Money – Goth Money Trillionaires

If there is to be any overt or ulterior goal of bubbling-up rap crew Goth Money’s music, it’s a convoluted one; interviews of the six members frame their project as a form of positivity achieved through organic, artistic union, while … Continue reading

07. December 2015 by Michael Scala
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Truancy Volume 131: Erosion Flow

Our latest Truancy Volume comes from producer and DJ, Henrik Koefod (aka Erosion Flow), an emerging talent out of Copenhagen. Erosion Flow first grabbed our attention in 2014 with his electric debut EP on George Fitzgerald’s ManMakeMusic label. Garnering quick support, tracks … Continue reading

24. November 2015 by Truants
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