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Recommended: F.T.F. – 000666

Tape Archive have quietly been sharing murky, anonymous techno on YouTube for some time now: abstract oddities like the undefined gone with the noise (part1) and floral party numbers like DJ G.O’s sorrylarry. For their first foray into the physical … Continue reading

28. July 2015 by Aidan Hanratty
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Recommended: FP-Oner – 5

“Real art is judged against an inner standard, not what’s out there.” So said Fred Peterkin, aka Fred P, to Richard Brophy of Juno Plus recently. He was speaking on identity in music, or a certain lack thereof in the … Continue reading

21. July 2015 by Aidan Hanratty
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Premiere: Spencer Parker – Silly Club Song No. 3

Once a regular mainstay on Radio Slave and James Master’s Rekids, the last four years have seen Spencer Parker concentrate his productions on his own label Work Them, whilst also releasing a furore of music from artists such as S:VT, Young Male … Continue reading

10. July 2015 by Riccardo Villella
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Premiere: Terriers – Believing The Crystal

Dublin duo Terriers have been slowly crafting their sound since first causing ripples in 2013. Last year they dropped House No 9 on Major Problems, which featured a searing remix from Tuff Sherm. Shortly afterwards, it was revealed that they … Continue reading

19. June 2015 by Aidan Hanratty
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One On One: Trackmasta Lou – Today Is A Good Day (John Heckle Re-Animation)

Grown out of a monthly basement party thrown in Glasgow around 2008 and initially guided into fruition with the helpful advice from Arne Weinberg after his move to the city, Tabernacle Records has become somewhat of a record collector’s delight … Continue reading

09. June 2015 by Riccardo Villella
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