Seven Plays XI: Aurora Brainsky-Roth

This instalment of Seven Plays features selections soundtracking a week in the life of Aurora Brainsky-Roth. Originally from the US, Aurora relocated to the UK in 2017 to pursue graduate studies. As forgetful angel, she takes a considered and emotionally vivid approach to DJing, sometimes in collaboration with her husband, the producer ootheca. She has also written essays of videogame criticism for Fanbyte. The breadth of her taste is touched on below, featuring classic sample originations and very contemporary covers alike.

Monday: Womack & Womack – “Take Me”

A perfect melody. Renders rudimentary synth pad presets, rippling guitar and subtle Linndrum rhythms as an infinite celestial expanse cushioning Linda’s pleading, far-off swoon. I’ve been playing Everything But The Girl’s dreamy sophistipop cover a lot, too.

Tuesday: Keith Hudson – “Darkest Night On a Wet Looking Road”

Apocalyptic loner dub metal. “Evil…”

Wednesday: Motörhead – “Overkill”

To be honest, I made a loop of the eight-second drum intro in Traktor and listened to that for about an hour.

Thursday: Phoebe Bridgers – “Nothing Else Matters”

Forever trusting who we are, and nothing else matters.

Friday: Deniece Williams – “Free”

It’s been sampled a million times (including a classic DJ Nate flip) but the original is my favorite. Those chords make me crazy, if I wrote this song I would probably die of excitement. Also maybe the best-engineered record ever made.

Saturday: Buddy Holly – “Slippin’ and Slidin’”

Slow motion proto-acid folk Little Richard cover from the posthumous Reminiscing album. Fever dream flange guitar and “Everyday”-style thigh slaps for drums. He plays the vocal phrasing almost painfully straight at first but when he lets loose that spaced out Jimmie Rodgers hiccup I’m in love. At least a decade ahead of its time.

Sunday: Source Direct – “Secret Liaison”

Angels shivering in the early winter air.

* * *

Seven Plays is a feature where our contributors, extended family and friends keep a personal music diary for seven days, before handing the format over to another author. The aim is to keep sharing great music, this time with an individual touch that celebrates the intimacy and emotionality of our relationships with music as well as sonic excitement and technical prowess.

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