Truancy Volume 216: Hops

If you’ve ever made it to a Version party, usually held in Tresor’s sister club Ohm in Berlin, you’ll be well aware of Hops‘ impeccable taste for percussive, bass heavy club sounds with an undeniable swagger. The former reggae buyer at Hard Wax, where he worked for 7 years, has long been honing his craft in Berlin’s clubs and is now one of the most reliable proponents of dub inspired dance music. Hops now heads up the Version clubnight with his friend Orson, who is also responsible for running the label of the same name and continues to put out strong releases from the likes of Agrippa and Yak. The night has become a go-to for many, from Berlin and far beyond, seeking the intersection of dubstep, techno, grime and dub that Hops brings to the floor. As fans ourselves at Truants, we thought he would be perfect to tap up for a Truancy Volume, and he sure didn’t disappoint.

Hey Hops! Tell us a bit about what the idea behind this mix is? “Hello! Thanks for inviting me to provide a mix for you. Well, there was no other idea behind it than to play dance music for pissed-up people in a dark room – it was recorded live at the recent Version night at Ohm.”

Despite being based in Berlin, a lot of the music you play and have included in the mix is from the UK. How do you feel the appetite for UK sounds is in Berlin at the moment, in comparison to earlier in the decade? “Yes, I play a lot of music from the UK. That’s not unusual. In the rave, people don’t care where the tune is from as long as it’s a good tune. As far as people’s appetites are concerned, I can’t really judge. I rarely ever go out.”

What or who in particular drew you towards a more UK-centred, bass focussed sound? “I just find UK stuff more interesting. Sound system culture has been a magnet for me since I was young. Dubplate culture and pirate radio as well. Spending most of my life in record shops was important too.”

Who are your favourite producers at the moment? “Scratcha”

Outside of DJing, have you been producing much recently? Have you got anything forthcoming? “I’m more of a DJ really. Some beats in the making with Orson. Let’s see…”

Have you got anything else interesting lined up over the coming months? “This Saturday I’m going to play my debut in Athens. Going to be a big rave and it’s free admission. Version again in July, then boat party with Orson in September. Also, there’s a mixtape coming soon apparently. Something very different, trust me.”



Meta – Fault Line (Par Avion)
Johnny L – Piper [Pev Remix] (XL)
Sleeparchive – Sleepless Four (Sleeparchive self-released)
Untold – Motion The Dance (Hemlock)
Szare – Translocated (Different Circles)
Hodge- Swing For The Fences (Hemlock)
Beneath – Kushty (Mistry)
Szare – Kodiak (Different Circles)
Beneath – Special Offer (Mistry)
Ikonika – Oral Suspension (DBA)
Scratchclart – Square Off (Scratcha DVA self-released)
Batu – Murmur (Timedance)
Walton – Bulldoze (Tectonic)
Beneath – Gimmik Dub (unreleased)

Hops: Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Resident Advisor

Antoin Lindsay

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