Recommended: Mosca – A Thousand Years’ Wait EP

One thing Tom Reid can never be accused of is a lack of versatility. Whether he’s been channelling UK garage or producing pared-back house tracks, all of his records under his Mosca moniker seem to pursue different sonic territories. It’s perhaps no surprise that the man is yet to release on the same label twice. With his A Thousand Years Wait EP, the London-based producer arrives on Delsin offshoot Ann Aimee with a set of rough techno weapons.

Opener “It’s Not What It Looks Like” has been on frequent rotation since we first heard it on the Hessle Audio Rinse show back in September. It’s a minimal stomper; propelled along by its powerful kick drum and clattering percussion. Intermittent synth pads offer only brief respite from what is an overwhelmingly dark and brooding affair. “Kneecap” opts for a similar take-no-prisoners approach with abrupt pummelling percussive strikes giving way to hauntingly offbeat piano chords and a distorted synthline. “Press Up” concludes the EP but is arguably the weakest offering here. That’s no slight however; this is a slice of deeply industrial minded techno which will undoubtedly function well as a DJ tool.

A Thousand Years Wait may lack some of the immediacy we’ve become accustomed to from Mosca’s back catalogue but these are three raw techno cuts perfectly primed to do serious damage on any dancefloor. Furthermore, the EP serves as additional proof that few producers can match Mosca when it comes to diversity, with each new release seeming to unveil a new direction for this talented producer. For the time being at least, it seems there’s very little the man can’t do.

Stream: Mosca – A Thousand Years’ Wait

Mosca’s A Thousand Years Wait is out now on Delsin’s Ann Aimee label. 

Matt Gibney