Recommended: NYMA – Windows To A Newdelic World

It’s All In You is a label set up by Berlin-based DJ, producer and audio professional Nima Chatrsimab, aka NYMA. Inspired by the chaos and pain in the world and keen to steer himself and others on a better path, he set up the label to connect with the universe. To paraphrase Rakim, as he does: “It can be done, and only we can do it.” His own Close To The Edge, the label’s first release, came out in April, blending hip-hop tempos and twisted electronic palettes with murky abstract soundscapes. Windows To A Newdelic World followed this month, and makes for a chilling listen in this bleak early winter.

Stream: NYMA – Windows To A Newdelic World (It’s All In You)

“Yaranga” floats by on a ghostly stream, a single skeletal drum pattern and a warm thrum of bass play against a simple, ominous repeated synth phrase, embellished on occasion with additional chords. Its frosty pallor is gorgeously rendered, those synths echoing just long enough so as not to give a feeling over overproduction. Bathed in uncertainty, it feels as if NYMA is asking all the questions of the world. “Valery”, meanwhile, takes this a step further. Similarly glacial, it pits muted, shuffling drum rolls against moody arpeggios and live guitar. Caught between these elements is an unsettling line that hints at resolution provides only ambiguity. “Beyond”, the release’s shortest track, rounds things off with curious humour. A muffled, delicate riff is punctuated by a low-range bubbling sound and a crisp drum-machine hit. A sumptuous bass adds more development to the track’s simple repetition, built of a repeated phrase that adds simple elements with each passing set of bars. The release doesn’t quite fit in anywhere – it’s too chilled, too ambiguous for the club, yet its beats bang a little too hard for it to fit into the realm of ambient. The final track, gentle as it is, prods and pokes rather than offering any insight or comfort. Individually, the tracks are arresting pieces of music in their own right. Taken together, they offer a glimpse into NYMA’s new, imagined world, the Newdelic World of the title.

NYMA – Windows To A Newdelic World is out now on It’s All In You. Buy here.

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