Exclusive: Dro Carey – Casanova Breakneck

Last week, Dro Carey, the hyper-talented Aussie with releases on Templar SoundHum + Buzz and The Trilogy Tapes, stepped up for us with a Truancy-themed mix inspired by the structure of Dre’s tapes from the ’80s: techno followed by rap followed by his own productions. Before RAMP Recordings puts out his debut album later in the year, Dro will self-release the “Vital Trails” EP on April 2nd on his Bandcamp“Vital Trails” sees him move away from his house and techno influences for a record that frames hip-hop as integral to club music rather than apart from it. We’ve waxed at length about Dro – and learned some pretty interesting things about the Australian cyberpunk aesthetic along the way – so we’re particularly happy to bring you this Truants exclusive. With its tightly woven drum patterns, low growling synth and mangled vocal snippet, “Casanova Breakneck” is a percussive whirlwind that with every listen seems to yield something new. Download it below, and grab the “Vital Trails” EP here.

Casanova Breakneck by TRUANTS

Maya Kalev