Download: Martyn – We Are You in the Future (Claude Speeed’s ‘You Are Us in the Past’ Remix)

Considering the diversity of sound that has come to characterise the LuckyMe collective’s output, identifying any one member as a wildcard might seem like a bit of a misnomer. But that’s exactly what Claude Speeed is. The jazzy hip-hop mutations from label mates Cid Rim and S-Type couldn’t be further away in style from his own musical ventures. Speeed is the guitarist and keyboardist in math-funk trio American Men, but he has truly come into his own as a solo artist, bolstered by spending a fortnight in Madrid as a participant of the 2011 Red Bull Music Academy. He’s churned out some jaw-dropping mixes such as the Goodhood Store OST, which saw Speeed and LuckyMe boss Dominic Flannigan blend classical music and drone to create a remarkably isolating 100 minutes.

Stream: Martyn – We Are You in the Future (Claude Speeed’s ‘You Are Us in the Past’ Remix)

This month Speeed’s remix appeared of Martyn’s “We Are You in the Future”, one of 2011’s inescapable club tracks and an epic eight minute finish to the Dutch producer’s “Ghost People” LP. Similar to his Infinity Ultra Rework of Kuedo’s “Work, Live & Sleep in Collapsing Space”, Speeed manages to take the original and transform it into something unrecognisable and alien. What was a futuristic head-rush of blistering synths in Martyn’s hands becomes a stunning piece of glistening ambience, with prolonged stabbing chords and choral backing so ghostly that it’s almost paranormal. This is one of the most gorgeous remixes we’ve heard in a while. Grab it for free from the Brainfeeder SoundCloud and make sure you get a hold of Speeed’s hot-off-the-press Truancy Volume, which features the remix alongside a bunch of exclusive productions.

Stream: Kuedo – Work, Live & Sleep in Collapsing Space (Claude Speeed’s Infinity Ultra Rework feat. Jivraj Singh) (Planet Mu)

Sophie Kindreich