Stream: The 2 Bears – Increase Your Faith (Daniel Avery Remix)

Daniel Avery, until now better known as Stopmakingme, has thus far been responsible for some barn-storming tracks and remixes, some exciting collaborations with Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s project, and more DJ sets than we can care to number. Right now he’s impressing with his ability to take things out of the club. As well as his relentless remix of Jokers of The Scene’s “Black Mountie”, he recently caught our attention with a limited-release cassette-only mix called “Divided Love”, which covered in two sides the acid-inflected house he’s so good at sharing with us, as well as the darker, more melancholy hues of his personality. This remix of “Increase Your Faith” by The 2 Bears would fit right in on that tape’s second side.

Built around a descending four-note phrase taken from the mid-way point of the Bears’ original track – itself a shuffling, dancefloor-oriented affair – Avery’s take is eight minutes of unsettling ambience, gentle disquiet. Over these eight bars he layers disembodied vocal wailing, restrained distortion and the ever-growing droning hum that constitutes the track’s bassline. Shimmering flecks of melody offer glimpses of sunshine, but it all drifts away into that simple bell phrase, itself fading to nothingness. It’s a world away from the club-friendly yet no less excellent work he’s been churning out over the last two years, and it’s an exciting direction for us to watch him take. Right now it’s only available on the bonus edition of The 2 Bears’ “Be Strong” album, which is out now on DFA. Reason enough to nab a copy, right?

The 2 Bears – Increase Your Faith (Daniel Avery Remix) by Daniel Avery/Stopmakingme

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