Review: The Analogue Cops – The Purple EP

With releases under at least half a dozen different monikers, including Xenogears, OCP, Appointment, Lucretio and Marieu, The Analogue Cops are experts at bringing life and a human element out of machines; this record only adds  to their “cop-on-site” discography.  The latest addition, “The Purple EP“, is more of the raw stripped down House they have showcased in their previous eps.  Each track sounds as if it is straight out of Chicago with their simple, hypnotic grooves and warm sound.

A1 has a lot of build to it, catchy toms and cowbells keep the floor moving as the duo adds tight stabs and a female vocal chanting “dj break” during a quick break (ha) only to bring it the floor with a powerful kick and classic open hats.  A2 is the strongest of the four, though none of the tracks feel forced this one feels less rigid and more natural.  On a piano House tip, similar to their collaborative track with Blawan “45 Dollars”, the track seems to glide along due in part to a deep sub breaking through every bar. For any dj trying to keep the vibes rolling at 4 am, your ears will perk up after hearing this one. B1 is the only disappointment on this record in comparison to their previous work.  The track itself is thumping thanks to a powerful hi 808, on point percussion and distorted synth parts.  Its Achilles’ heel is the vocal sample, “burning up now”, which becomes repetitive and a nuisance after the first minute.  Their final track is a sub heavy roller on a completely different tip, with lots of single hits and delay present along with an androgynous vocal crooning over the top of the track.  In all honesty, it sounds like a broken Garage track that could be easily lumped in the UK Bass category had it been written by different artists.  This release is just as straightforward as its title with the cover being almost entirely purple and in summary simply rhythmic and groovy.  Look for more from this duo as they continue to release on Restoration Records and their recently launched Vae Victis Records.

OUTER 003 PURPLE EP by Out Electronic Recodings

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