Recommended: Seapoint – Nautical Day EP

It’s been a few months since we last checked in with B.YRSLF division, the ever-evolving French label that’s been pushing an innovative, global-minded agenda since its inception just over two years ago. Even through the typically slow summer release season the B.YRSLF crew managed to roll along at breakneck speed and put out four new releases in as many months (among these are two free downloads – Bombé’s “Eclipse EP” and the “Summer Crisis” compilation – that you should grab right now before reading on, if you haven’t already). The label’s latest release comes from 24 year old Rafael Bucio, the Montreal-based, Mexican-born producer better known as Seapoint. After spending the past couple years exploring new sounds and learning the ins and outs of production, Bucio presents a captivating, remarkably diverse listen on his debut “Nautical Day EP.”

Stream: Seapoint – Nautical Day (B.YRSLF division)

The title track opens the EP with some smooth, intimate vibes, utilizing a fantastic female vocal sample and twinkling R&B keys to marvelous effect. An easygoing half-step rhythm gives the track the kind of late-night bounce that makes R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” such a timeless crowd pleaser, but Bucio laces it with footwork-inflected drum patterns for a shuffling energy that says your night’s not winding down just yet. “Row Land” holds onto the romantic glow of “Nautical Day,” but the track’s cascading synth lines and frenetic clap and snare rhythms culminate in a more dancefloor-oriented production. On “Cyanotype Cities,” Bucio takes a left turn and ventures into house territory, flexing some nicely swung grooves that pair exceptionally well with the warm, lingering Rhodes chords. With a clean, uplifting energy, this one will surely please fans of acts like Chaos In The CBD or LOL Boys. “Shadow Encoder” is yet another stylistic departure from the previous tracks, this time drawing largely from dubstep, glitch, and even IDM in a heavy-stepping production that highlights Bucio’s attention to detail when it comes to rhythmic and melodic sequencing. Last up is “Unknown Ruins,” a blissed-out, chopped up R&B production that’s perfect for dimming the lights and sparking one up at the end of the night. While we think Bucio could benefit from a more cohesive vision and a lighter touch with vocal processing, this is nevertheless an ambitious and impressive debut that makes us eager to hear more from the producer in the coming months. Listen to the previews above, and also cop a free download of bonus track “Omega Falls” while it’s still up for grabs!

Seapoint – Nautical Days (B.YRSLF division) is out now.

Sam Billetdeaux