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We’ve fawned over Recondite quite a bit around here and with good reason: his minimalistic approach to techno and acid has led to some of our favorite records of the last two years. Through his Plangent Records imprint he has slowly breathed life into the tired sounds of the TB-303. By now many of you have probably heard his debut album “On Acid,” which garnered praise from music lovers and journalists alike; one of his more outspoken fans has been Scuba, who has teased on more than one occasion that he’s planning on releasing music from him. It looks like all of that waiting has paid off as Recondite has released his first solo record “DRGN / Wist 365” for Hotflush Recordings. On paper this is a fitting home for him as Scuba’s open policy and penchant for techno has allowed the label to release a diverse array of records spanning the worlds of house and synth pop.

Stream: Recondite – DRGN / Wist 365 (Hotflush Recordings)

DRGN” is a tight track which relies on a locked groove and utterly depressing sonic landscape. Modulated synths fizzle and crack throughout the track, at times coming to massive beatless crescendos before diving back into the groove. Adding to the overall bleakness of the track is a familiar sounding low-end that brings an additional emotive and melodic element with it. Though the beats are a bit more syncopated this is still an enjoyable tune that is well suited for the dancefloor. Once again the B-side wins: “Wist 365” is a nine-minute epic which tips its hat off to dub techno. Bells, varying in timbres and delays, bounce around the mix the majority of the time. Slight tweaks are made over the course of the nine minutes as the bells chime with different vibrations. This is one of those tracks that on the right sound system and at the right time people will just lose themselves in it; every minute you delve deeper and deeper down a rhythmic hole.

Recondite is one of the few artists where we know exactly what to expect when they release a new record: absolute quality. This release sees him leave behind his acid experiments and return to the basics. Each track crawls in an immensely dense yet quiet environment that leaves quite an impression on the listener.

Recondite’s DRGN / Wist 365 is available now on Hotflush Recordings.

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