Recommended: Jacques Greene – Arrow (ft. Koreless)

Featuring Koreless? What exactly does that mean, ‘featuring’? We were hoping we’d hear Koreless’ dulcet tones providing an exclusive rap verse mid-song with many-a nonsensical adlib, in the style of a Timbaland guest verse. However, no such interlude appears, so don’t get your hopes up. No, instead it seems that Koreless is bringing his mastery of a slow, steady groove to the table, as “Arrow” is the kind of track that softly wraps itself around your heart like silk, hypnotizing you as gently as possible. This means Jacques Greene‘s trademark commercial sheen is forfeited in favour of a more English reserve, but a solid beat nonetheless underpins proceedings. Clocking in at a delicious nine minutes, the track has plenty of room to swoop and soar, with delicate piano work washing over the shimmering beats. The track is one of four to be featured on the “Concealer” EP, which is sounding like it’s going to be one of Greene’s most considered and cohesive releases so far.

Catch an exclusive stream over at Pitchfork, and hear snippets of the entire EP below.
VSE01 / Jacques Greene – Concealer (preview) by VASE

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