Recommended: 2kilos&more – kurz vor5

Awkwardly named experimental rock duo 2kilos &more is made up of Hugues Villette and Séverine Krouch hailing from Paris, France. The band published their third full-length album “kurz vor5” via Audiophob just recently, following “entre3villes” on Optical Sound and the excellent debut “8floors lower” through Jeans Records. 2kilos &more combine trippy drum machine wizardry with hypnotic noise guitars, rhythmically drawing from downbeat electronica with a hint of EBM and slightly varying in tempo and complexity. While this might not be most tempting of references, Villette and Krouch manage to inject the genre with exciting new life by fusing arcane drums with the nihilistic atmosphere of early post punk and amplification texture of post rock. Each of their instrumental compositions stands like a black monolith of sound: huge and bold and not exactly subtle. It does not take much expertise in pop musicology to compare 2kilos &more with Laika or Moonshake and Slint or Killing Joke simultaneously. Speaking of Slint, since their second album 2kilos &more have started working with Black Sifichi whose sinister spoken word performance adds considerably to the band’s signature sound, also making the comparison to Kentucky’s finest unavoidable. “User OK Feeling Rejected” and “I Decided To Lie” are easily highlights on “kurz vor5“, while “Infinite Dead Ends” (featuring Phil Von) sounds a decent bit like ambitious alternative rock. A release not to be missed, with instrumental favourites including “Les Rapports s’inversent” (below) and the claustrophobic “What Holds Me Here”.

Stream: 2kilos&more – “Les Rapports s’inversent”

“kurz vor5” by 2kilos &more is out on CD/ MP3 via Audiophob


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