Recommended: Jazz Neversleeps – Ladbroke Grove

The name Jazz Neversleeps may be unfamiliar now, but be prepared to hear him crop up more over the next few months.  He has released two EPs over the last two years on On-Point and is due to drop another shortly.  A glimpse into what he has been working on over the last few months was posted on his Soundcloud earlier this week.  The track in question is called “Ladbroke Grove”; it embodies smooth, easy listening electronic music with a dollop of Jazz.  Lush and expressive pads gently move the track along while a soulful female sample, plucked straight out of the 90s, echoes throughout the track.  Everything is intricately placed creating a flow were the percussion feeds perfectly off the pads.  Nothing particularly new is being done here, but he has taken sounds, which are often abused and made a sound that is memorable and uniquely his own.  The track feels like a constant build with loads of peaks and dips and after nearly 8 minutes it feels as if it should continue for another 10.  Once again Jazz Neversleeps shows off his knack for picking out and expertly executing samples as well as creating a moody atmosphere, though every so often a tinge of hope creeps in.  He’s another artist to keep an eye on in the new year.

Ladbroke Grove by Jazz Neversleeps

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