Recommended: Tessela – D Jane / Channel

Peverelist’s Punch Drunk label has, until now, been one of those labels you can always count on for a certain level of quality without putting itself right in the spotlight. The Bristol-based imprint had a growth spurt with a handful of releases in 2011, most notably with Kahn’s “Like We Used To / Helter Skelter,” but 2012 is looking to be the year that it starts to command your attention. The first scheduled release of the year comes from its newest signing, Tessela. After having released “Slugger / Subway / Push” on All City, he’s prepared the monstrous “D Jane / Channel” for a February 20th release on Punch Drunk.

Tessela ‘D Jane’ (Punch Drunk Records) Clip by Punch Drunk Records

Throughout the fairly simple yet recognizable opening of “D Jane”, it’s not obvious what direction the track will take. The addition of a pitched-down vocal sample acts as another layer, not a centerpiece, and it keeps you sitting waiting until the one-minute mark when suddenly, things get real. The syncopated pots-and-pans throwdown is reminiscent of Blawan, but if you’re familiar with Tessela’s previous All City release then you know he’s doing his own thing, treading close to techno yet creating a sound that’s equally as utile in a broader set of ‘bass music.’ After the percussion-centric blowout, the song ties itself back together for a bit of a breather with a bouncing bass – only until it heats up and starts melting brains/dancefloors all over again.

Tessela ‘Channel’ (Punch Drunk Records) Clip by Punch Drunk Records

“Channel” is considerably tamer than the wild “D Jane,” but it’s equally as impressive. It shuffles about and maintains more of a melody than its stomping counterpart, making it the safer choice of the two tracks for the DJ who’s looking to get things going without being ready to blow the roof off just yet. The addition of more Tessela-esque toms as well as a mutating bassline lets you know where this track is coming from and refuses to let you go without playing it out.

While you’re waiting for the full version of “D Jane / Channel,” be sure to check out his Truancy Volume. You can also listen to & download this mix that Tessela made for All City, tracklisting is after the jump:

Tessela – Mix June 2011 by allcitydublin


Lando Kal – Time Out (Hotflush Recordings)
Lory D – Acid Prastix (Numbers)
Martyn & Mike Slott – All Nights (All City Records)
2562 – Flashback (Tectonic)
Tessela – Slugger (Forthcoming All City)
Martyn – Vancouver (Hackman Edit)
Andy Mac – Everytime (Punch Drunk)
D – Bridge ZX81 (Shed Remix) (Fat City)
Boddika – You Tell Me (Nonplus)
Tessela – Push (Forthcoming All City)
Blawan – Potchla Vee (Hessle Audio)
Peverelist – Dance Til The Police Come (Hessle Audio)

“D Jane / Channel” is out February 20th but is available for pre-order today.

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