Mix: Triple Lucid Life

If, like us, you’ve been wondering what Lucid has been up to lately, Triple Lucid Life is your answer. The hotly tippled Melbourne producer became a sensation last year with his “Thy EP” on the party-starting Pelican Fly imprint, demonstrating an uninhibited, self-assured style that brings together grime, house, dubstep, and hip hop in irreverent and unseen ways. Short of a couple bootlegs on his SoundCloud, we haven’t heard much from him since “The New Reprise” was released on Nightshifters last November. It’s only natural that we were ecstatic when Lucid agreed to pull together an exclusive mix for us, and even more so when we peeped the tracklisting and discovered that almost all of the tracks are from the man himself. In his words the mix, dubbed Triple Lucid Life, is “a combination of tracks that have built up over the past 8-12 months – some may never be released, some forthcoming remixes and originals too. I guess it’s something to show everyone what ‘Lucid’ has been doing over the past few months, just trying to show off the diversity that I can bring when it comes to production.” And he does, indeed, showcase some impressive range in the rapid-fire mix that clocks in at a lean 28 minutes. Lucid explores some of the farthest reaches of the universe in this high-energy transmission, from the menacing, spring loaded bass productions that have become synonymous with the Pelican Fly pedigree, to heavy apocalyptic and sci-fi landscapes, to monolithic, Vincent Price-sampling dubstep. When asked what the perfect setting for listening to this mix would be, he responded “in a dark club, with a good LOUD system, at 4AM.” He definitely hit the nail on the head with that one – especially the LOUD part – but we’ll add that it sounds just as great through headphones in your dark bedroom at 4AM when insomnia and heavy thoughts are keeping you awake. Either way this is a fantastic mix that we’re proud to share, so download it, blast it in your car, tell your friends, tell your mom, enjoy it! Take a look at the tracklisting below the jump and keep an eye on Lucid because rumor has it that he’s working on a new release for Pelican Fly.

Triple Lucid Life

Samename- Nonspatial Continuum (Lucid Remix)
Solid Groove- This Is Sick (Lucid Bootleg)
Lucid- The Speak
Lucid- Over Run
Ophex- Appetite Appeal (Lucid Remix)
Lucid- On n On
Caleb Mak – The Joker
Nick Logistick- Alright (Lucid Remix)
Nick Logistick- Alright (Lucid Drip Remix)
Piri Piri- Mami (Lucid Remix)
Lucid- Bleep Blood Fighter
Lucid- Requiem
Lucid- Transet
Nina B Blanka- Hollup (Lucid Bootleg)

Sam Billetdeaux

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