Introducing: Xosar

Truth is, we probably should have been introducing you to Xosar a while ago. The mystery behind this emerging producer is, however, part of her charm. Breaking through in an industry that tends to focus so much on the visual when it ideally should be all about the aural can be difficult especially for a female. The strong support from her usual touring partner, the notoriously “raw as fuck” and real-as-it-gets Legowelt, is one of many indicators that she could school most of us when it comes to making tracks that range from self-labelled pseudo-genres like “desert seance” to “bangladeshi acid house” to “voodoo rave,” or in Resident Advisor’s less whimsical terms, “techno.”

Her debut EP, “Tropical Cruize” (released on L.I.E.S.) was called “occult-tinged public access house music” on and subsequently made it to #1 on their charts. The B-side from the EP, “Xephyr,” demonstrates a certain learnedness that only can be acquired through familiarity with classic techno and deep house jams. She doesn’t tend to dabble in adopting appealing genre-specific elements in the way of some ‘bass’ producers trying to cash in on the crossover trend (discussed at length earlier this week at RA), which might help explain how she’s evaded the mainstream for so long. Although her music is definitely experimental, tracks like “Voodoo Castle” are endearingly creepy and embrace the 4/4 framework.

XOSAR – Voodoo Castle by XOSAR

“Ghosthaus,” Xosar’s latest release (via Rush Hour), features the track that was our first exposure to her, “Rainy Day Juno Jam.” Evoking the image of Xosar spending a rainy day indoors in the company of analogue equipment (and there’s certainly no shortage of that when you’re friends with Legowelt), it’s a sweet and solitary song that plucks at your heartstrings in a way that feels robotic, sentimental, and totally innocent, like a techno take on Wall-E & Eve.

Xosar – Rainy Day Juno Jam

The track is a rare display of vulnerability from the producer who has a multitude of other haunting and heavy-as-hell tunes lurking online. While her Twitter remains private and she’s yet to have a Facebook fanpage, we’ll be doing all we can to keep tabs on this seriously intriguing up-and-comer.

(Follow the jump to see an official video for the track “Elixir of Dreams,” starring Xosar herself.)

Xosar – Elixir Of Dreams 

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