Introducing: Iron Galaxy

It’s rare for us to hear one track from an artist and immediately fall in love, but Adam Hodgins aka Iron Galaxy appears to be the exception.  The track in question “Attention Seeker,” a melancholic and clearly machine driven house tune, made its way onto Soundcloud last weekend and may signal another bright light hailing from Montréal.  Elegantly arranged and filled with emotion, the track croons along for 8-minutes, basically taking the listener on a journey through a foggy, black-and-white crystal ball; it may be a punishable crime to even mix out of this track.  This is his most popular track by far, but he is no one trick pony with tracks such as “Dragging Your Feet” and “The Attendant Army Of Rats” just as capable of holding down a dance floor.

Iron Galaxy – Attention Seeker by Adam Hodgins

In comparison to the influx of young producers tossing half finished work-in-progress pieces online his story is a bit unusual.  After spending a few years abroad and sampling multiple styles of music he’s settled down in Montréal where he teaches music history to students.  He has taken some time amassing gear, honing his talents, and finding the right space and setup that is conducive to his creative process.  This combined with his across-the-board influences from Warp to Roulé and from Drum & Bass to Breaks have helped him shape his brand of emotive deep house.  This is only the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting year for him; as long as he keeps churning out anthems like these he’ll be on a steady path to the top.

Selwyn Synth Jam from Selwyn House School on Vimeo.

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