Sunday’s Best Pt. XV

We might have been in bed all day every Sunday since the launch of Truancy Compilation One, but Grown Folk who brought us the introduction to our compilation (“Steady Moving” – ‘jewelry, chrome and stones’) haven’t. Neither did LOL Boys, who teamed up with Teki for our release. LOL Boys released a scroled up video for the track “Blockz” of their new EP, which you can watch here and then buy the EP here. Grown Folk meanwhile posted up some previews of their forthcoming EP “City Wind” here, and if that wasn’t enough they remixed LOL Boys too which which they’re kindly giving away to celebrate all of this good news. A really uplifting and sweet summer song, which would do well as the background in the new Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc (2011 Rendition)  – or just put it on full volume while melting away in the sun, and daydream of rabbids and skops.

Download: LOL Boys – Runaways (Grown Folk Remix) (320 kbps)

RT @fucktyler: Fuck Lil Silva. Shut The Fuck Up, This Is One Of The Best Remixes Of YONKERS I’ve Heard. So Stoked Right Now Fuck.$ I Fucked Up Bad Guys While Listening To This, Shit Is Too Real

Download: Tyler, The Fucking Creator – Yonkers Nigga (Fuck This Lil Silva Remix) (320kbps)

The London based imprint Deep Teknologi (brought to you by T.Williams and S.E.F.) is responsible for my favourite house release of last year – Don Morris’ “Reality Check”. The best use of Wilson Santos & Steven Mestre’s vocals in the history of sampling, if I may. Their output as a whole is incredible, a handful of EP’s and two compilations down and all equally timeless. J. Bevin was responsible for their third release, the “When It Comes” EP. Tomorrow he’ll be dropping a new release on the same label called “Zulu” (order here), and to celebrate this here’s an old track he offered up as a free download a while ago. It’s time to get our Bevin on.

Download: J. Bevin – Speed Racer (160 kbps)

Dominic Pierce is a Calgary-based producer who specialises in disco grooves, think somewhere between Youth and Laberge with a hip-hop groove thrown in. Some of his fans include Sammy Bananas and U-Tern. I happened upon his work through the Parris Tone Music compilation in aid of relief in Japan, where he sits alongside the likes of White Girl Lust and The Phantom’s Revenge. His contribution, You & Me (Dancefloor) sounds like a west-coast party at dusk, coming across like a mid-90s hip-hop instrumental tinged with heartbroken disco. I would give you the 320 but hey, it’s for charity, so go cop it. What you can have fo’ free is this little vignette called Florid Beats, a similarly slow groove with sliced-and-diced awkward percussion and hazy vocal utterings that sit above a plea for you to “love me tonight”. Bless…

Download: Dominic Pierce – You & Me (Dancefloor) (128 kbps)
Download: Dominic Pierce – Florid Beats (320 kbps)

Real G’s will be on this one. Peep the homie Kingdom‘s edit of Usher’s Appetite. We all know how our favourite producers are pillaging the best of R&B for vocal hooks and whatnot, but what happens when the original is so good it just needs a bit of tweaking to become an end-of-night emotional anthem? This Danja-produced album track deals with the guilt and conflict of being a hot star with a wandering eye when you’ve got a woman at home. We can all relate right? In case you don’t know Mr Raymond spells out his name for us, but let’s be honest, he’s no Chris Wallace. Anyway. This edit leads off with that sweet-ass flute line and the sparse percussion of the intro, eschewing much of the original’s overblown electro synths in favour of the almost IDM-ish arpeggios and bells that linger hauntingly over Ursher’s plaintive cries, torn as he is between “wifey home, wedding band” and wanting to “run the streets”. Don’t we all? Ok, I kid. All I can ask now is that dude lets us download this gem.

There’s another Brit on the rise in the form of 21 year old Sam Schorb AKA Damu. He registered on most people’s radar earlier this year with the great Gargoyle EP released by Silverback Records, his talents were there for all to see, each track displaying his intricate use of sounds and in particular the use of synths geared towards the 8bit that give refreshing colour and character to his music. But anyway, his good deed for the week is done, he put his track “Kula Kola” up on his soundcloud as a free download. We knew it had to go up on Sunday’s Best straight away. With old-school breaks, whole lot of bass and signature synths it’s a perfect way for you to get acquainted with his music

Download: Damu – Kula Kola (320 kbps)

New Jersey talent Clams Casino deserves an award for time management, as I still find it incredible that the man finds time to cook up his ethereal beats on the sidelines of his full-time job at a hospital. While we’re still not done listening to his marvelous collection of instrumental work on his mixtape, we were more than happy to learn about his forthcoming “Rainforest” EP on the always on-point Tri Angle Records, due in the end of June. The EP will consist of tracks that have always apparently been intended as instrumentals solely, sans any type of based spitting attached to them. Listen to “Gorilla” below, one of the release’s cuts that sounds like some sort of distorted brainwarp into a heavenly fragment of nature untouched by mankind. PS, keep a close eye on Truants for an upcoming interview with Clammy himself!

Download: Clams Casino – Gorilla (160 kbps)

This snazzy little number has been floating about for a couple of weeks, but I saw the beat wizard responsible for this lovely remix in action in London on Friday night, effortlessly spinning life-affirming 120bpm disco to a packed sweatbox in a full button up tuxedo, and thought it resplendent enough to include in this week’s Sunday Best for those poor unfortunate souls that may have missed it. Disco heads will no doubt already be over-familiar and into the realms of inappropriate personal-space-invasion with former Aeroplane co-pilot, Stephen Fasano. Now flying solo as The Magician and pack leader of the Belgian disco movement that currently rules over myself and the entire discoverse with an iron fist, his remixes and monthly Magic Tapes on Soundcloud are without doubt the cream of the disco crop. This remix of Beni’s ‘It’s A Bubble’ is a spell-binding chunk of chirpy sunshine synthage dipped in a glittering vat of 80’s charm that perfectly encapsulates Stephen’s beautifully consistent brand of sonic sorcery. How does he do it? Remember – a magician never reveals his tricks.

Download: Beni – It’s A Bubble (The Magician Remix) (320 kbps)


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