Stream: Ghostpoet – Survive It (Koreless Remix)

Ghostpoet is an artist who we follow closely at TRUANTS, from his EP to LP, from solo work to collabs, we’re captivated by the Coventry born and London based MC Obaro Ejimiwe. So when it popped up on twitter than Boiler Room had uploaded a remix of “Survive It” by the brilliant Glaswegian Koreless to Soundcloud, we were more than excited to hear it. One of the refreshing things about this remix is the lack of ego present and the full effort of the remixer to further the original instead of creating a piece of music that sounds so far removed, it should probably just be the producer’s track and the parts used put down as samples. That said, Koreless’ signature sound is still very much there even though he keeps the focus very much on Ghostpoet, which is easily understood when his distinct style and delivery are able to lift and charm the listener seemingly without effort. Koreless restrains his beat masterfully, he adds flair to the music that help distinguish this enough from the original and in the process it’s easy to believe this true collaboration and not a remix. One such touch is vocoding GP’s vocals ever so slightly in different areas of the song, which creates a great contrast with the unchanged wispy female vocals. This comparison between natural and unnatural  are to be made often within the track, with the ethereal sounding synths and organic shakers with the animated of popping of 808s. It seems to be an extension of Ghostpoet’s writing where often he will discuss the everyday and normal but entwine that with the mystical and dreamlike realities. Together all the elements fit wonderfully to create a perfect spring track, and we hope this isn’t the last time we see the two paired.

GhostPoet – Survive It (Koreless Remix) by BOILER ROOM


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