Stream: Pional’s Lovecrimes

More Frank Ocean related SWAG here, but this time the spotlight falls on a trusty favourite of many a truant, Pional. A man whose productions have me swooning with excitement for summer to hear his jams in all their sunshine basked glory. Part of the Hivern Discs stable along side other Spanish talents such as John Talabot. He has managed to contribute some of the best songs on their ever increasing stellar catalogue, in fact In Another Room has to be one of the best releases of 2010 and will no doubt be still played en masse in 2011.

The track in question first came to my attention yesterday as I scanned the Hivern Disc’s RA Label of the Month mix tracklist and seeing it there immediately filled me with utter excitement. No sooner had I listened to it many times from 46 minutes onwards just to hear this gem, that it appears on their blog and soundcloud! It takes Frank Ocean’s ‘Lovecrimes’ and places it on the sunny disco plane in a way that only Pional knows how and fills it with with a groove that never goes away and leaves you wanting more. Perfect.

Frank Ocean – Lovecrimes (Pional Edit) by Hivern Disc


9 thoughts on “Stream: Pional’s Lovecrimes”

  1. seriously love this. you beat me to the punch ross, oh well i’ll finish off something else. perfect for this weather too.

  2. hahaha sorry, saw they had uploaded it to soundcloud and had to get it up asap. SWAGSWAGSWAG

  3. I’m going to listen to this all day and Jeremih, perfect Summer tracks #dontjudge

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