One On One Vol. II: 24hour Experience – Feeling’s Mutual

After our last One on One feature on the wonderful Norma Jean Bell, we thought it was time to pull towards those long lost classics that are still begging to be played out once again in this current climate. Cue the work of man like Grant Nelson; born in London 1971 and heralded as one of the godfathers of UK Garage. Having worked his magic throughout the major part of the 90’s, releasing numerous dance floor bombs on his own seminal labels such as Nice ‘n’ Ripe and Swing City Records, the man has been known for his many aliases. Exploring under different names by himself under Wishdokta, Bump ‘n’ Flex, Boiling Point to name a few and teaming up with other fellow like minded producers to form groups such as N’n’G, Dusk Till Dawn and 24 Hour Experience. It’s a back catalog to be extremely jealous of or one to just seamlessly go through on a lazy Sunday and discover wondrous gems. It’s the work he produced with Simon Firmin under the 24 Hour Experience moniker that we want to talk about however. Four releases from 1993 up to 1996 engrave the duo in music history. Two other releases after also exist although they’re the product of two guys unlawfully using the name after Grant left the Nice ‘n’ Ripe label. Probably the most well known track from 24 Hour Experience would be the anthemic¬†Together¬†from the Part Two: More Dub Essentials release but we thought it would be in best interest to start at the very beginning with Part One: Dub Essentials. Five tracks of pure smooth UK vibes that will work a crowd now as much as they did back in the 90’s. Here is one of the best cuts from the release for your listening pleasures which we then recommend you go find after.

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