Preview: Blackwax – Offkey EP

If there’s one track that got us all excited about being in the latest Truancy Volume by Riffs, it would be the ‘deep, dark and deadly’ sounds of “Surface” by Blackwax. Having had our eyes on the duo for a while, we’ve seen their output gradually evolve and garner huge interest from the likes of Dusk & Blackdown, Darksky, Canblaster and Scratcha DVA. The constant support of their tracks has accumulated up to now, as the two Edinburgh based producers get set to drop their long time coming debut EP on dutch label Tube10. Having previously housed releases from the likes TRG, Jus Wan, DJ Madd and Distal, this couldn’t come as a better look for the young pairing, who obviously have much to offer for the future.

Starting with “Surface”, which could described as the heaviest cut of all three tracks, opens with a percussive fast time approach, rolling in with a collection of 808 snares and rimshots before breaking down into a rhythmical palette of drum syncopations. No doubt appealing to the dance floor, the track then dips down slightly on the percussion, paving way the entrance to a bassline of mammoth proportions, that should no doubt get that crowd reaction that DJ’s dream of. Title track “Offkey” which will be included on the 10″ release along with “Surface”, opts for a similar approach in terms of percussion, yet uses a series of pitched down vocals phrasing the word ‘offkey’ to push the tracks to new heights.

Surface – Live on Rinse (Dusk & Blackdown) by BLACKWAX


The last track on the EP titled Airway’ which will only be available digitally, is the track that has been in circuit for the longest, having received early support from the likes of Canblaster, who played it in his revered XLR8R mix. It’s also the most diverse of the three tracks, changing the atmosphere for a more vibrant approach. The Diana Ross vocal samples will be recognisable to most off the bat, yet they don’t end up overpowering the track in the slightest. Blackwax end up using them as a backdrop to an infectious use of melodic synth lines, that then take a vivacious turn off affairs as hard hitting snares and a mad percussive lead enter in full double time motion. It’s an incredibly addictive track that has worked its way up our most played playlist and will hopefully get a similar reaction with the public when it gets released in a couple of weeks time. With a remix for Kastle out now on Silverback Recordings and a whole lot more in the pipeline, the duo get set to raise the bar high in 2012.


Kastle – Could U Want Me (Blackwax remix) Preview by BLACKWAX


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