Download: iL – For (Polyklinik Remix)

We haven’t given anything away to download for a while, so it was great to receive an email from Error Broadcast containing a free remix by Hungarian producer Polyklinik of iL. Some of you should already have heard of iL having written about his apollo1ne3thee EP a couple of months back, if not you can check it out here. Much like iL, it was very difficult to find much upon the elusive Polyklinik. From what we gathered he is very difficult to pin down for photo shoots, only likes meeting in public places and is part of the Svetlana Industries roster along with artists such as Nightwave, Teebs & Jack High and Piece of Shh.

Moving onto the remix itself, Polyklinik chooses to remix one of our favourite tracks from the iL EP. Titled ‘For’, the original track used a strong set of chopped male and female vocals with intricate disjointed percussion to create a hypnotising environment. The same mood is brought across in the remix but reworked in a more solid structure. Polyklinik commences the track by chopping the female vocals even further and merging them with distorted kicks, claps and other sampled textures for a second, before cutting the sound completely for an almost step like pattern. This is continued throughout, with the full vocal from the original track coming in occasions. Like iL and his tracks, this remix is selectively fine tuned with an array of sounds and textures that never feel over the top but go as far as sounding highly complex. Fans of Shlomo and Flying Lotus should be able to get down with this.

As well as introducing you to this great remix, I also want to mention Nate James. Hailing from Toledo, Ohio he is the designer who did both the original artwork for the iL EP and the reworked design from it, which you can see above. The 600 x 600 design can be seen here but I highly recommend going over to his tumblr to see more of his work (and mixes) which I’ve been mightly impressed by. Some really awe inspiring pieces that should appeal to both the music lovers and designers who may read the blog.

iL- For (Polyklinik Remix) by Error Broadcast


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