Five Mixes Are Better Than One Pt. VI

1. Darling Farah – URB Burnin’ Up Mix: Darling Farah is our first love, last love, only love. Although this URB mixtape is from a while back, we couldn’t resist telling you about it for it’s already up there in our most listened to mixes – eighteen minutes of his own productions strictly, some whom have appeared on his Exxy EP (read our review on that here) and others that will be coming out on a new release soon to be announced. Deep techno vibes, a startling mix really that will soothe you. Don’t sleep, or at least let Darling Farah mix you to sleep.

URB: Burnin’ Up // Darling Farah Mix by darlingfarah

2. Jacques Greene – Allez Allez Mix: It’s only been about two weeks since Jacques Greene dropped his brand new guest mix for Allez Allez, but it’s already a safe bet to assume that this will be one of those mixtapes you’ll always be able to refer to when you need to get you out of any rut possible. Though it starts rather emotionally with a chopped and screwed version of Alicia’s Unthinkable, originally produced by Krucial and lifetime hero 40 Shebib, it’ll have you reciting lines from Drank In My Cup and an insanely enticing screwed version of Miguel’s Sure Thing within the first twenty minutes. Add more lovely sounds by the likes of Martyn, Jhene Aiko and George FitzGerald, and you’ve added up an hour of pure pleasure here. Obviously a Greene mix wouldn’t be complete without Drizzy, so expect an exquisite I’m On One bootleg by Sinjin Hawke down the road, combined with the still-standing original track (well, reduced to merely one DJ Khaled ad-lib, sob. And be on the lookout for an upcoming Sinjin Hawke bootleg pack dropping sometime soon here, including this one and many more!) All of this is neatly brought to an end with 1977’s ultimate tear-jerker, Wake Me When It’s Over so that we have another opportunity to vividly re-imagine one of The-Dream’s passionate rollercoaster relationships. You can stream the full mix beneath or download it directly here. Trust us, the latter option is what you’ll be needing.

Jacques Greene Allez Allez Mix by DummyMag

3. Supreme Cuts – Trouble: Club Paradise Mix for Brooklyn Vegas: Up-beat from the very start, Supreme Cuts set the highest of energy levels with their Club Paradise mix by starting off with Sich Mang’s juke trick Different Kind Of High, one of those tracks that you immediately set off to must-find after hearing it on a mix. If your footwork isn’t up to par, don’t worry, you’ll still have the opportunity to practice your Master P and intellectual Lil B verses too. Fresh sounds to be found here by RL Grime, as well as an incredible track by Supreme Cuts itself entitled Fools, plus a big thanks to them for allowing us to revive our minds with Busta and Janet’s What’s It Gonna Be. In all honesty, we’re not sure why Supreme Cuts haven’t sued Drake yet for stealing the title Club Paradise from them. We’re waiting.

Trouble: Club Paradise Mix for Brooklyn Vegan by Supreme Cuts

4. Objekt – Leisure System Radio Mix: Objekt should be playing Berghain in an hour or five, or six, at the very moment of publishing this post. This mixtape for Leisure System Radio, the weekly radio show of the party he’s playing (which is also a record label that premiered with a Pixelord’s “Iron & Cream” EP in August), is a little taster of what you won’t be hearing in the Berlin Headquarters Of Techno tonight. From disheveled Chicago house to noise and all that and back again, and it has Mango Drive and a little bit of Jeff Mills in there too. Also included are ‘the b-side off that Millie & Andrea 12” with the blue eye’ and ‘some Omar-S tune’. A varied selection and a highly recommended listen. Download the mixtape here and view the entire playlist here, and while we’re on an Objekt tip watch his Boiler Room set from a couple of weeks ago here and get his Radiohead remix for Bloom, will you?

Leisure System Radio mix (see comments for d/l link) by Objekt

5. George FitzGerald – RA.274: The Resident Advisor podcast George FitzGerald has offered up a week or two ago might be our favourite one from the series in a while. Said to be inspired by the set he played in Berghain not too long ago, the mix holds fifty minute of house and garage vibes with some previews of releases yet to come. Although the entire mix is a good listen from beginning to end, the narcotic Josh Wink track off Herehear is a very nice element, and so are the new tracks by FitzGerald himself coming out on Hotflush Recordings hopefully sometime in the near future. It’s not exactly a secret that we’ve been head over heels with FitzGerald’s music since we heard his first release on Hotflush named “The Letdown/Weakness” last year, but if you aren’t familiar with his work yet this is the perfect opportunity to get to know. Download the mix here before RA decides to take it down.

Words by: Sindhuja Shyam & Immy Soraya.

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