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It cannot be understood, only experienced.” These words are spoken in “The Ballad Of Martyn Bootyspoon”, which features on #blessed Sinjin Hawke’s “The Lights EP” on Pelican Fly. It’s an awesome EP, eight tracks of booming bass and ethereal horns. These same words can be said of the three collaborations that Sinjin has kindly given us to share with you. The three collabs, with DJ Sliink, Lucid and MORRI$, run the gamut of styles that Sinjin Hawke has been treading this year, from that booming, amplified bass-driven warehouse to piano and string-led emotional jams. “Gas Pump”, which samples Roger from Sister Sister aka Marques Houston and Juelz Santana (the two samples couldn’t be further apart on the love/sex spectrum), is a Jersey Club anthem made with DJ Sliink of the Brick Bandits. “Fizzy Drink”, done with label-mate Lucid, twists a few lines from Missy Elliott’s “Work It” into a dark stadium shaker. Finally “One Kiss” is a celestial grime instrumental done with MORRI$, one who was recently put on the Bok Bok’s watch list. Man knows. We’re delighted to share these with you, and we hope you love them too!

Sinjin Hawke & DJ Sliink – Gas Pump
Sinjin Hawke & Lucid – Fizzy Drink
Sinjin Hawke & MORRI$ – One Kiss

Sinjin Hawke – The Lights EP is out on Pelican Fly this Monday the 5th of December.

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