Truancy Volume 36: Darling Farah

“I make music as Darling Farah, I’m from Detroit, and I make electronic music,” are Kamau Baaqi’s first words of introduction. The young producer released a triplet of releases on Civil Music last year, the most recent one being his “Division EP“, and you might also remember his track “Varsity” from our compilation that came out last Summer. Darling Farah‘s music could be described as a vivacious mixture of  Classic House and Garage, a bit of Dub-Techno and Broken Beat but with an own defined high style touch. After spending a couple of years in the United Arab Emirates, he recently relocated to London. “My dad was a musician and was always into music, I started hearing music from him and just always kept it around. Along the way I got into making it, and I had all the time to do that in Abu Dhabi. Now that I’m in London I try to get more of that time, and when I do I manage to make things happen.”

“Whenever I get stressed out I usually start making music. Once I get something started the process gets a lot more relaxing and it’s fun to pick back off from whatever mood I was in starting the song, usually a little bit of reverb and delay gets things going as well. Since the release of my EXXY EP I got a lot of stuff done music wise. A small but special selection of that is now the Division EP, which only recently came out. Other than this, I’m working on some new sounds.” Pulling his punches a little perhaps, as he’s currently preparing a full-length release which is set to come out next year – a contender for best LP of 2012?  Naturally. When he’s working on music, he says most of his influences come from outside electronic music. “I mainly get inspired from Hip-Hop, art and people. But to say the least, within electronic music, it would have to be a lot of German Techno as of recently. It’s appealing to me because of how simple and raw it is and from the music I’ve come from I can put my twist on it, and fill in some gaps.”

His aforementioned ardor for deeper sounds definitely comes forward in his Truancy Volume. From the atmospheric Tartelet dubs, via some Belgian wax to the mesmeric “Heavy Industry” by The Black Dog, he takes us on an hypnotic and industrial adventure throughout the mix – and of course, there’s plenty of tracks in there by the dance mason himself. “I have been so busy with production lately, so it’s been a minute since I did a mix. The fact that I got asked to do one now for a favourite blog of mine was really the inspiration to start digging for new stuff again.” And we are just as pleased to have Darling Farah fixing us up with our 36th volume – this Truancy Volume goes out to the people who want to zone out at home, to anyone with a bit of Heimweh nach Berlin and all the people who simply just want to dance to the beat of a good drum.


1. SP-X – Side Supressor Grid
2. Vril – UV
3. Marcel Fengler – Gridlock
4. Darling Farah – Untitled
5. Matilda – Protera (Deadbeat Mix)
6. Black Rebel – Quenum
7. The Black Dog – Heavy Industry
8. Efdemin & Kassian Troyer – Blount
9. Darling Farah – Grace
10. Darling Farah – Foreign
11. Mikkel Metal – Cassini
12. Citizen – Naomi (Darling Farah “Version II” Remix)
13. Darling Farah – All Eyes

Soraya Brouwer

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