Discovering Boreal Network

Every now and then searching for new music across different online stores leads to something unexpected. Despite its place among this week’s new releases on Turntable Lab, the “Steel Whirl/Empire Builder” Digi-12 from Boreal Network was originally released on Moodgadget in 2009.  My bad for not hearing it sooner. “Steel Whirl” is a gorgeous number that recalls the best of Boards of Canada – remember them? – think wandering melodies, muffled beats, grainy audio from forgotten TV shows and a wistful, elegiac mood that tugs at your heartstrings.

Digging further, one discovers a number of free releases, including Means Business, a twisted musical representation of corporate life, and Phase With The Moon – a seven-track EP dedicated to and inspired by the grey wolf. Indeed, proceeds from its sales went towards the Minneapolis Wildlife Science Center. Imagine a direwolf and think how awesome it’d be if they existed. And then go donate. You can read a track-by-track breakdown of the release by the otherwise elusive Cole Johnson here. The thoughts and processes behind the music clearly demonstrate an artist in tune with the world around him, one keen to effect positive change through music and action. Both of these albums are released through Retronym, where you can find a very large shedload of music to peruse at your leisure. See more about Boreal Network here, and if you’re not already intrigued, here’s a taste of two tracks from the aforementioned releases.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Boreal Network – Ely Rendezvous Site”] (192 kbps)

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Boreal Network – Radio North”] (320 kbps)

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