Recommended: TiRon & Ayomari’s ‘A Sucker For Pumps’

Remember when you used to pick up albums based almost solely on the art? That’s how Ayomari & TiRon’s A Sucker For Pumps first caught my attention. Then I heard the first track, Jack Kerouac and had to have the rest of it.

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We’re welcomed with sampled strings, rain, and footsteps closing in. By time the drums (my god do those drums knock, as well as throughout the rest of the album) and vocals come in you’re already under the impression that we’re entering in medias res. “Got bags on my shoulder and I wish someone’ll slow down” the chorus goes, the hitch-hike/escape from a failed relationship right into another one with the violent car wreck at the end. The rest of the album follows similar themes, bad break-ups to dysfunctional relationships like on I’d Rather and those blissful moments (The Neighbors).

Going back to the production, which is what will grab your attention first, range from the loud, and somber drums on Kerouac to the jazzy If I Had You with a great assist from D.R.U.G.S. and Thundercat (bass solo!). The latter being a great example of drums complimenting the sound without outshining any other piece like those great horns that come in later. Tiron & Ayomari also tend to compliment each sound with their vocals. Singing (or something akin to singing) where it’s more appropriate to, like on If I Had You or a good mix of both (Her Theme Song).

Featuring the simple but catchy hooks, “I’d rather fight with you than be with anybody else.” It shouldn’t sound this easy, and still be this infectious. That’s a big part of A Sucker For Pumps appeal, a familiar dish served differently and a welcome break from the sort of releases I usually go for. I wasn’t familiar with TiRon & Ayomari prior to this, but they definitely have a new listener going forward. You can buy/stream the album at bandcamp here.