Review: Beaumont – Blush Response EP

If you haven’t got a summer playlist on your computer, make one. Then quickly add Glaswegian producer Beaumont to it; one of the latest artists to emerge enigmatically with a fantastic debut. When we say fantastic, we mean one of the most original and refreshing selection of tracks we’ve had the pleasure of listening to in recent times. For such a young producer, this couldn’t be any more satisfying. The EP, titled ‘Blush Response’ finds its way on to fellow producer Boxcutter’s label Kinnego Records. You may have previously heard of the label before, having introduced Space Dimension Controller to the world with his debut EP, along with further releases from Kinnego Flux and Boxcutter himself. A label that is obviously very young in its lifespan with only three releases to its name, but it’s the quality and careful selection that has gone into these three releases that make them so wonderful to the ears.

The EP kicks off with ‘Tokyo’, the second shortest track of the seven and a perfect introduction to the sort of vibes and atmosphere you can expect from the twenty minute EP. Subtle neon tinged synths, with a massive ode to the 80s drip with such sexual appeal and romantic tension that it’s engulfing to say the least. The deep Danger-esque bass that opens the track reels you in, grabs your attention like no other, then washes you over in those amazingly crafted synths. Picture a young Jean Claude Van Damme in an 80’s B-Movie, making love to some random chick, followed by a night time cruise and you’ve got a slight indication of what to expect from Tokyo.

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Things continue with the opulent sounds of “Foreign Intrigue” rolling in with a much more prominent working bass line, then continuing in a similar suite to Tokyo with synths a-blazing. What’s great to admire about the EP is there’s such a profound intricacy to melody, above all else. There’s definitely the impression that Beaumont is a trained musician or has some sort of form of musical knowledge. If not, then we can only applaud the man even more. On occasions, Beaumont opts for the use of vocals, some more prevalent in certain tracks. Whether its “Aventurescence” deep vocoded vocal work or the laid back words of ‘baby cry, only you‘ on the magnificent “Midnight”. The man really has a talent for creating that perfect combination between synths, percussion and vocals. Nothing feels overpowered. Just pure vibes and insanely memorable.

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The EP has already had a collection of great reviews from the likes of Resident Advisor and Playground, and has already had support from Scuba who played ‘Lucky’ in his Set at this years Sonar Festival, which got broadcasted as half an Essential Mix along with Redlights. To say this isn’t a superb start for Beaumont would be a lie, and it’s certain that we’ll be hearing more of him in the rest of 2011 and in 2012.

Blush Response EP sampler by Beaumontmusic


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  1. Yes! This has been in my Boomkat crate for a few days now. This has convinced me that I DO need to actually purchase it today.

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