When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

I first came across Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs a year back when an EP of his was on special offer on Itunes at 4 tracks for just £1.29. At first I thought these tracks must’ve been on offer because they were crap. But with a name like Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs this guy just had to own. I ended up buying the EP and low and behold it was probably the best £1.29 I could ever spend. The only thing ever coming close to being as good would probably be 13 rainbow straws, but the thing with them is 13 rainbow straws last around 10 minutes, whilst four amazing tracks pretty much last a life time. Before I blabber on too much I’m here to say that a new EP titled ‘All In Two Sixty Dancehalls’ came out by him yesterday and although they weren’t on special offer I immediately snapped them up without second thought.

From listening all day yesterday and today, it really seems history is repeating itself as this is one of the most refreshing EP’s in recent times in my opinion. All 4 tracks on the EP are all surprisingly different and there’s definitely something in here for all tastes. If you’re in a ‘sit in the garden and catch some sun’-mood then the rightfully named ‘Garden’ is the track for you,  a nice pop-esque sort track that plods along wonderfully with some 8 bit sounds and gorgeous summery vocals. However if your an absolute badman like me then its all about ‘Blood Pressure’, a big room, bass heavy, ragga styled post garage tune with some man saying stuff like ‘dancehall’ and ‘wickedest thing’ over the top on occasions. It will definitely bring out the rude boy/girl in you. The last two tracks ‘That One’ and ‘Dipper’ on the other hand aim more for a minimal tech vibe with the former taking a more melodic approach whilst the latter focusing more on the percussion. Both however very dance friendly. In the end I really cant fault this EP at all and the fact he loves dinosaurs, the best animals ever to roam this planet along with sloths means this guy has the upmost respect from me! Hopefully this time next year I’ll be repeating myself again with a new EP of his. ?


Bonus: I don’t really have a reason to post this as its a pretty old song thats been in my hardrive for a while but its seeing a bit of a revival lately so I thought I’d kindly share it with you guys. The more people to hear it probably the better.



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  1. “with some man saying stuff like ‘dancehall’ and ‘wickedest thing’ over the top on occasions” <<< Haha this had me loling!

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