Sucks that Daddy’s Gone

Seems like new producers are bursting out of every nook and cranny at the moment. Some may even think that there’s too many! In my opinion though, for every ten bad wannabe producers looking for limelight and fame, theres always 2 that shine through with top notch quality music. Now, I couldn’t write an intro post like that without having something to back me up on so I’ve got two say producers to introduce you to today who you probably haven’t heard of before! First up is 18 year old wonder kid Graphics, a producer from Oxford making┬ásome mighty impressive 2 Step/Dubstep vibes. Being classically trained and apparently influenced by Radiohead, clearly shine through in his tracks with lovely melodic synth lines and wonderfully cut up vocal samples. Tracks like Blue Top and Sarah Sampled have been on heavy repeat from me, and his distinctive melodic sound has already garnered support from the likes of Sinden and Sub FM. With a series of hot releases on the way and without sounding like a cliche, Graphics is definitely going to be a hot contender of major up and comer in 2011.



The second artist I want to mention today is Croz, who I’ve actually previously mentioned before on TRUANTS as part of the 5 Mixes are Better That One Series which for those who missed it can check it out here. As well as proving that he’s a fantastic DJ, Croz is on his way on showing that he can be a great producer too. Now, I was originally weary when I first saw this rework of Burial & Four Tet’s, Moth. Why you ask? Due to the fact that the original is so dam good guys! Don’t worry though,theres no crazy wobble or bleepy Afrojack synth lines here but instead a simple rework giving the track a little techno twist, making the track on a whole more DJ friendly. Go give him some love on his Soundcloud. I’m sure he’d appreciate it!



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