Sons de la Discothèque

Disco, funk, soul, jazz, rock, salsa, ballroom, electro-funk, rap, house, techno. All were (in addition to countless more I can’t be arsed to try and classify) members of the discotheque dance floor family, and all played a part in – and were in turn influenced by – the development of one of the most unique, ever-evolving and influential genres in history. The disco phenomenon remained at the forefront of the music business right up until the mid 80s when nightclubs began to sway more towards electronically produced music; more suitable for endless hours of emotionless dancing, substance abuse, bright lights, big rooms, and bad hair. And even then, some of the most popular club music focused heavily on the sampling or remixing of music from the disco era – a technique still very much in practice today, proving the timeless worth of a lot of the music developed in that period of passionate music making. Enough rambling!


Sons De La Discothèque: Disco 101

I’ve compiled a list! A long list! A fucking long list! Of chart-toppers – ’69 through ’89, all for your listening pleasure. I hope you like it. It only took 6 days… Though this is by no means the supreme, ultimate or quintessential disco play-list. On the contrary, it’s a mere fraction of the genre’s catalogue. But what we have here is a collection (947 tracks, I think) of songs from several ‘best ever’ compilations, online polls, vintage charts and a myriad- nay, plethora of recommendations and secret weapons. It’s almost larger than, though not including the entirety of my personal collection. This is disco 101. Hits, tunes, crackers, stompers and fist-pumpers. Classic bangers and corporate bullshit – all of which achieved considerable commercial success and most of which will bring a smile to your dial: while the others leave you in awe of the glorious tragedy that was the disco era. Bookmark, visit from time to time, browse, find something worth holding on to – I know I have. I hope I’ve not left you empty-minded. But as not to leave you empty handed, I have a treat that I am very excited to give you! Creep Crawl Flash: Jacques Christo & Vladimir Christov. Fusing with hip-hop beats, samples from a long forgotten and nostalgia inducing sound that I can’t even describe but say that it makes me feel someplace and somewhen else. Their follow-up EP ‘Abroad’ is currently available for free download along with their other released material. And I’ve had it all on repeat for three days.

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  1. Dude that’s flipping crazy haha! Now just send me a zip file with all the aformentioned tracks included. Thanks Tom…

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