Stop & Stare


Harry Benson, do you remember? You better! Our modest companion from Leeds has just gotten a release on Get Flavor! It has two tracks and a couple of remixes: Kudzu, which is remixed by Venom & Domage and there’s another one done by the Montpellier-based Raziek, which is to steal (in friendly nature) from this post. My absolute favourite track of the EP however is the Milkrun remix of Desperado, a track with a perfectly subtle and tropic vibe. Just like the other tracks actually, but the Milkrun remix is one of the better remixes I’ve heard the last few months! Kudzu EP is out to buy on Juno now and there are previews of his tracks on there too. Give them a try, it has sweet samples, wind instruments, bongos and everything else you would need with the coming of the summer. ?

Soraya Brouwer

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