Round & Round

So my new neighbours finally moved in yesterday and no unfortunately I didn’t get that amazing hot girl that I wanted but instead I got some old couple who have already complained about the music. I want my crazy party animal neighbours back!  They never complained once! I want to play Skipteque out loud! This brings me on nicely to what this post is about. Anyways, a label which has continued to impress me since its launch last year is french label Get Flavour which has steadily released some pretty solid EP’s from some wonderful new talent such as Harry Benson, Dakunt and Stinj. Not to forget that the artwork for the EP’s are seriously great. Mad props to whoever designs them! The 4th release on the label comes from an artist called Skipteque whom I stumbled upon a while back whilst doing a massive Myspace search for new artists. It wasn’t really a surprise when I found out that he had an EP coming out on Get Flavour considering the quality of his tracks. His style is sort of a combination of future garage and tech house which I have fully been digging. The EP titled ‘All That Glitters’, which should be out very soon, consists of 4 originals and two remixes by LOL Boys and Nujax which you can stream fully over on his soundcloud and is set to be another big releases for the still young label. He’s kindly passed onto me one of the tracks off the EP called Jaguarundi and two different remixes of Delphic’s Halcyon to share with you in full 320. What a nice guy, ey? Be sure to keep a closer eye on both Skipteque and Get Flavour next year! Big things in store, I’m sure.





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