Love Potion Number Nine

Hypes will always be hypes. Take any hype and you will have dozens of people vomiting all over it. Welcome to the digital age where everyones voice is heard. A place where love is rare and where embitterment, words of disapproval and close vigilance prevail. But you know what, I’m not against freedom of speech at all and guilty as sin myself: I probably hate what you love. However, after spending some time in the European capital of culture where everybody is looking at the bright side of the electronic music scene and ignoring the unfavorable things instead of delivering a constant stream of backlash it, my life has become a lot easier.  No more bad energy. And to be honest, I can’t hate on most of todays hypes.

For example, one of Berlins main hype as scanned by my exclusive radar, is the lovely Brooklyn based label Wolf + Lamb and their young boy wonder Nicolas Jaar. Yes, Nico. The brain behind Clown and Sunset and the creator of one of the best remixes in the world; No Regular Play – Owe Me (Nicolas Jaar remix). This dreamy trip has been on constant repeat since someone kindly tipped it to me a couple of months ago. Last June Jaar made a lovely podcast for Resident Advisor and he’s now given them an EP with six edits to give away for free. I don’t know how this fits into his tight production and DJing schedule but it did somehow. And let’s be honest here, this gem is way too good for a free release. Unique, timeless and interesting. Then again, something you would expect from a producer listing Karl Marx as one of the main influences to his music, and who’s described by Seth bats Troxler to be “one of the most talented minds dance music is about to see develop”. If you like the two tracks I’m sharing with you here, feel free to download the entire package (there’s four more and every single one is so, excuse my French, fucking good!) from Resident Advisor here. I’ve chosen to share Nico’s Feelin Good with you because it was the one that really got me during my first listen and Mini Calcutta because, well, it is beautiful and some variety is good. I think all six of them are amazing, although I think Stay In Love is really outstanding instead of amazing as well. And he’s certainly upgraded Blue Monday, too. (I’ve never liked New Order.) As soon as you downloaded these, buy something else off N. Jaar so he earns somewell deserved dollars. I feel like we’re collectively ripping him off but the truth is, we’re all collectively sharing the love. Good vibrations, everywhere!



Soraya Brouwer

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