My Ghetto Eyes on His Ghetto Ass

Is this post an easy way out for me to post a picture of my first love, last love, only love, Pharrell Williams? Might be. My favourite producer ever has teamed up with that one hot chick who likes to crash your ppaarrtyy and kiss your MC, Uffie. I was a bit skeptical about this conjunction of musicians at first – I mean, I have faith in Pharrell Williams but only to some extent. To the extent where I don’t really believe in Skateboard P getting crunk to Ed Banger records in his spare time, because if I were Pharrell Williams I would listen to my own records all night long, while sporadically looking in the mirror playfully. Winking at myself, maybe send some roses and exclusives to my fan Immy from the Dam every now and then. This collaboration, I was fearing it. What if it would disappoint? I suppressed the thought of Skateboard P teaming up with Uffie, and I didn’t think about it anymore since I first heard about it until- BOOM!

I opened my mail box earlier today and noticed that my fellow Star Trek compatriots bombed it with a rip and a little preview of Uffie – ADD SUV (ft. Pharrell Williams), a track that will appear on her much anticipated debut Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans (which will be released at the beginning of June). It’s produced by the Parisian producer Mirwais, who is a notorious record producer known for writing songs that are catchy as! And what can I say, he did it again! What a track, one of the few current electro pop tracks that don’t work on my nerves, and I think Pharrell and Uffie make a crazy good combination. We can expect two more tracks produced by Mirwais on Uffie’s new album, one that’s featuring Mattie Safer – which could be a cognomen for a member of the Rapture (wild guess) and a cover of Siouxee’s Hong Kong Garden. Which I’m scared for – but maybe I shouldn’t. Uffie just proved me she won’t ever let me down again. The video of this track will be dropped soon, it’s set on Hollywood Blvd and involves the police, racing and sneakers. Sounds siq! Pharrell Williams, if you’r reading this, tell Busy P I said hello.

Uffie – ADD SUV ft. Pharrell Williams

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Soraya Brouwer

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