Lunice & The Jealous Guys

The first thing I had ever encountered by Montreal-#based brainchild Lunice was a Everyday I’m Hustlin’ meets Final Fantasy 7’s victory anthem mashup on YouTube that I still can’t get tired of to this day. As if that Rick Ross = Barrett Wallace link wasn’t genius enough to keep me hooked, Lunice keeps the standards high with his incredibly innovative and refreshing output, from his remixes to his own original productions.  His latest collaboration with San Fransisco hip-hop duo The Jealous Guys asks for constant replay once again. Bus Stop Jazz, released through UK’s Southern Hospitality with a music video to match out soon, is a track that’s laid back to put it mildly. Lunice brings a nostalgic autumn evening to the plate with his added chilled out piano and jazzy horns that reminisce a good Nujabes joint with his impressive Golden Era style effort, while The Jealous Guys have the perfect flow to complete this absolute jam. Word on the street is that this is Lunice’s first in a series of rap collabos to come, and we simply cannot wait for more.

Bus Stop Jazz is out now, show some love, support it and get it over at iTunes!

Download: Lunice & The Jealous Guys – Bus Stop Jazz (320 kbps)

Sindhuja Shyam

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