Mweslee – Stomp Like A Donkey

I’ve got to ask, is there something they put in the water in Spain? Lately I’ve come across so many talented artists and wonderful labels that call Spain home, in all fairness it ain’t fair. They won the World Cup, Nadal won Wimbledon, Alberto Contador won the Tour de France, other Spaniards won other things. Take a break, let some other nations have some fun. Kidding, drink as much as this talent tainted water as you must if it means you produce music like Mweslee and his cohorts.

Mweslee hails from Vigo, Spain and has steadily been making a name from himself throughout the decade within the beat scene. Yet he probably came to most peoples attention in 2008 with his brilliant Megablast EP  on Kindred Spirits’s Nod Navigators and then again with the Eurocarne EP, which in particular showed a distinct evolution of his sound, many different genres and influences embraced yet all kept in check and stayed faithful to the Mweslee style. His latest offering came in the form of a remix on the first release from Brighton based label Donky Pitch, in which he takes Slugabed’s Donkey Stomp and assaults it his trusty synths and leaves no space untouched, creating a rather special track. (parental guidance recommended before you happen to google the term “Donkey Stomp”)

Download : [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Slugabed – Donkey Stomp (Mweslee Remix)” ] (320 kbs)

Stream : [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Niño – Y (Dos Veces Bueno Mweslee Remix)” dl=”0″]

Stream : [wpaudio url=”″ text=”O.Boogie ft. Tableek – Paper-Chaser (Mweslee Remix)” dl=”0″]