I Want to Learn the Ways of the Force

Hey kids, the name’s Sel and I’m the newest addition to the writing team here. I’m quite different to the rest of the team at Truants for a couple of reasons which I will go into in a moment, but first I think it’d be appropriate to introduce myself proper. So I said, I am called Sel. I am a film student from England, and I live in a castle just outside of London. I live on a diet of Dorito’s and Pepsi, and I have a shrine to Jack Daniel’s in my room. I love extended 12” versions of records, my iTunes is immaculately organised and I have a slight obsession with catalogue numbers (to the extent where I bought an Angular Records t-shirt simply because it had a catalogue number – ARC045). I have the trainspotter tendencies towards discovering new music that I suppose is pretty useful if you’re writing about music. Shorthand: I am a total nerd. But now for why I’m a bit different to the rest of the crew here. Mainly: I don’t really listen to club music, and I never read blogs. I haven’t done either of those things since about 2007. So why am I here? Well, there’s a funny story there.

When Immy enlisted me to the Truants Force I told her I was going to be different – a rogue, or a maverick, one might say. But she was having none of it. “Sel,” she said, “If you keep coming on here telling me you’re going to be posting some of that BULLSHIT no wave and disco from the late 70s and early 80s then your arse is grass.” “But Immy,” I replied, “This is some of the most amazing music you will ever hear! You must be dead inside if you can’t enjoy the groovesome disco records, the funked up avant-garde or the alternative 80s pop that I will be posting here! I have to share this fantastic music with the world otherwise they may never hear it! Imagine if the Truants readers were never introduced to the world of Bush Tetras and the 99 Records roster, or of Liaisons Dangereuses, or of Arthur Russell or of The Associates – to think they may never hear this fantastic music is the saddest thought of all!” “Screw that,” she replied, “I want this blog to be run BY THE BOOK. If you keep up with this MAVERICK attitude then I’m gonna have to make you TURN IN YOUR BADGE. Now get out of my office and post the hottest new French Fries remix up, or I’ll kick your arse so hard it’ll leave a footprint…YOU DIG?” She sighed before adding “I’m getting too old for this shit.”

But as the tacky old cliché goes, a leopard can’t change his spots, so I will be sneaking in these oddball experiments in obscure post-punk and no wave, old-skool EBM, old disco, new disco, weirdo disco and very gay disco, synthesiser experiments from the 1970s, all-out psych and anything in between – all UNBEKNOWNST to the my superior officers on the Truants Force. And speaking of the force, here is a song of the same name by the wonderfully weird Nancy Nova. It was released in 1981 and was apparently quite a big disco hit in the UK and Europe. Obviously I wasn’t alive when it was released so this is all going from scraps I’ve gathered on discogs.com and her own website. The synth builds the track up to epic proportions, but this is made particularly interesting by contrastingly lo-fi production courtesy of Ken Gibson, who produced a few semi-hits in the 70s disco pop circuit. But the most striking part of this song is Ms. Nova’s voice – she sounds like a wolf, it’s really something else. Nancy Nova apparently lives on a farm in Devon nowadays, which is quite cute. Listen to it, and if you enjoy it you can actually get some of her full lengths on iTunes – neat, huh? PEACE OUT x

Nancy Nova – The Force (video) Nancy Nova – The Force (160 kbps)

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