Truancy Volume 1: Riotkid

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new and improved blog! As you may have noticed, our humble little abode on the world wide web is now located at TRUANTSBLOG.COM. On top of that, we’ve tweaked our layout to a simple and clean get-up and have created a newsletter for you to stay effortlessly updated on everything that matters. All of these changes and additions have been made with your convenience in mind, and this turning point in our timeline marks the beginning of a promising start for TRUANTS.

Don’t worry, we aren’t letting you leave the relaunch party without a goodie bag. We are extremely proud to announce the introduction of a brand new project — THE TRUANCY MIXTAPES. This exciting concept will provide you with exclusive mixtapes by the latest fresh talents (as well as established favourites!) that have put together a mix of must-have tunes, especially for the loyal readers of this blog. We strongly recommend keeping an eye on the blog for these exclusive mixes from our favourite artists.

Without further ado, TRUANCY VOLUME 1 has been compiled by the freshest French kid himself– RIOTKID. Manaré Coly, whose young age is worthy of inducing extreme jealousy in most of us, has been dominating dancefloors all over Europe lately. His work takes influences from all around the world and succesfully incorporates these different cultures into a razor-sharp sound. One second you’ll be treated to pouncing organic tech-house, whipped into some sort of B-More breakdown, then the teetotal is combined with slices of something your great granddad might have gotten down to. He has combined his powers in this solid exclusive that will take you from Renaissance Man to Slagsmålsklubben back to Mowgli, with some sweet influences from every continent and you will find some surprising twists halfway, too! Fair warning: You’re gonna want this mixtape on repeat all day until he launches his two new EPs – That’s right, two are in the making and they won’t be long! One will be released on Top Billin Records and the other one is in the hands of YounGunZ.  Keep an eye on on this wonder boy! We proudly present to you:

Truancy Volume 1: RiotKid by TRUANTS

Sindhuja Shyam

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