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Recommended: DJ F – Transformación EP

We’re at the end of the first month of 2013, and for some of us here at Truants HQ it was a slightly hectic one to say the least. Now that we’ve sobered up and started meeting deadlines again, we’re … Continue reading

02. February 2013 by Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura
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Recommended: Youngstar – Pulse X Remixes

The multifaceted Liminal Sounds camp have most certainly put in the prerequisite legwork over the last few years to deserve debut full release success. Revolving around the movements of founder Sam (Elsewhere) and Sara Kabiri, pretty much everything Liminal related … Continue reading

01. February 2013 by Oli Grant
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Review: FaltyDL – Hardcourage LP

If the titles of his last two albums are any indication Drew Lustman, aka FaltyDL, is a guy who is a little skeptical of love. 2009’s “Love is a Liability” and 2011’s “You Stand Uncertain” give you the feeling that FaltyDL might have … Continue reading

31. January 2013 by Tim Willis
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Recommended: Hav Lyfe – Hav Lyfe LP

“Ain’t no fuck around mix blog.” Sonic Router has come a long way since its inception four years ago. Last year they took the bold but logical step of releasing records, physical artifacts in an increasingly digital world. First came … Continue reading

29. January 2013 by Aidan Hanratty
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Recommended: Skirt – Bitten By The Black Dog EP

Since 2010, the Birmingham based Texan known as Skirt has found a home for her abstract techno constructs on the Horizontal Ground label. In what might be considered as an unusual pairing due to Horizontal Ground’s focus on the foundational sounds of … Continue reading

29. January 2013 by Jonathon Alcindor
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