Recommended: Transmission Collective – Lex EP

Leeds, UK, is absolutely brimming with musical talent. Not only is it awash with great bands, but also sees a plethora of wannabe DJs and producers. All you have to do is walk through the student area of Hyde Park and we bet  every third person you ask is a ‘DJ’, or at least has a flatmate who bought a pair of CDJs and is currently perfecting their RnB set. Just take the Hessle Audio bunch as a shining example, who toned their sound and initiated their fanbase on Hessle Avenue in Hyde Park, Hush House, or Vic53; they’re all illustrations of what Leeds has to offer and Transmission Collective are no exception. As a collective, it consists of four emerging artists with a likeminded approach to forward-thinking electronic music: Wolf Cub, Kahwe, Maru, and Montrell McSwain. We wrote about Wolf Cub’s brilliant new “Love High” EP last week, but thought there was so much music coming from these boys that we should elaborate a little more. The “Lex” EP was released a while ago so it isn’t fresh off the press, but it’s definitely recommended.

It’s impossible not to immediately love “Lex“, the lead track on the EP. There are so many samples being thrown about in house music it’s easy for them to become tired and boring; you’d be forgiven for thinking Donell Jones’ “U Know Whats Up” was one of them, not here though. The boys of Transmission Collective have pitched the vocal and cut the sample so brilliantly that it still draws on that nostalgic RnB vibe whilst managing to make you really move. With that and the crisp percussion, it’s spot on as a subtle dancefloor tune. As their Soundcloud points out, the EP’s next song “Reverie” “has all the hallmarks of a piece of classic house music.” ‘Classic’ is probably a perfect word for this track. Following the club groove of “Lex”, it’s interesting to hear a more refined sound from these guys. Last but by no means least is the final track “Trell” (which they’ve also made downloadable for free.) Another catchy vocal, more shuffling percussion, and a stab of dub-type cuts show that they are right to describe themselves as versatile.

Stream: Transmission Collective – Lex EP (Transmission Audio Recordings)

As well as acting as a collective, Wolf CubKahwe, Maru and Montrell McSwain have shown respectable talent individually. We love Wolf Cub’s “Love High” EP, but have also noted Kahwe’s signing to Anjunadeep, releasing his new “Driving Me Wild” EP. The lead track “Driving Me Wild” coupled with “Anything” and “Yew” means the EP is melodic, mature and, especially at the end, dripping with melancholy. Then there’s Maru, we’ve chosen “Porta” as our favourite track from this gifted guy. The Floetry sample combined with a contemporary take on old-school house percussion is perfectly executed and we can’t wait to hear more from him. Now, Let’s not forget Montrell, most blogs and music sites are leaving out this talented man but maybe we know something they don’t. Studying at Edinburgh art college, Montrell McSwain contributes all the artwork for the collective and we have it on good information that he’s also a brilliant DJ. Check out this lovely disco mix from him to kick off your saturday night. The collab/collective/label are doing big things in a city which is full of others trying to do the same; we salute you Transmission Collective. Keep ’em coming.

Transmission Collective’s Lex EP is out now on Transmission Audio Recordings.

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