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With the fast pace of the internet music-sphere, and with so many artists teetering on the cusp of recognition, it’s really great to actually witness talent rise through the never-ending, ever-reaching crowd of music-makers. That’s not to say that Garry McCartney, also known as Ejeca, is in anyway a complete new-comer. He teamed up with his fellow Irishmen and good friends Bicep a couple of months ago, releasing “You“, a track that draws from the 90’s rave scene and received big love from people like Pete Tong and Waze & Odyssey, not to mention releasing tracks on AUS Music, Saints & Sonnets, W&O Street Tracks, Future Classic and more. The Belfast boy talks of long lasting respect for Orbital, The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers and “that wee phase in the nineties when garage was pop“, listening to tunes by Shanks and Bigfoot, Artful Dodger and the like. It’s a blossoming of music passion that we here at Truants can relate to, and we are absolutely loving the vibes on his newly released EP that is released on Last Night on Earth, the label of progressive house legend Sasha.

Stream: Bicep & Ejeca “You” (Aus Music)

Ejeca’s “Frequency” EP moves away from a fist pumping house vibe that was seen on his “Krunk” EP, giving us a more stripped back, refined, and introspective insight into Gary’s production technique. The first track “Hi Rollin” introduces a smooth atmosphere with an intense and methodical bassline typical of house beats, a tune that will in no way confuse the following he has already acquired. It is followed up by the similar “Neva 2 Far”,  dripping with classic vocals and vintage house sounds. The last two tracks on the EP however really make you prick up your ears and double check you’re still listening to the same producer. “Nassau Storm” builds brilliantly, releasing a dub beat and subtle melodic line, only to then filter through each other like sand between your fingers. The bassline is an uneasy one – imagine a wolf in the wild with his hackles raised and you’ll get the general feeling of the entire thing.  The last track on the EP “Time For Change” isn’t as dark as “Nassau Storm” and you may find yourself reminded of the main man Burial, but nonetheless, it’s intelligent, gentle, and soothing, whilst still managing to hold down a chunky bassline and some poignant hooks. The snippets of rolling vocal are entrancing and we couldn’t help noticing the perfectly placed, sneaky last vocal sample of Donell Jones’ “U Know What’s Up“. We see you, Ejeca, and we like it.

Stream: Ejeca’s “Frequency” EP (Last Night on Earth)

Ejeca’s “Frequency” EP is available now on Last Night on Earth

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