Exclusive: Dro Carey – Casanova Breakneck


Last week, Dro Carey, the hyper-talented Aussie with releases on Templar SoundHum + Buzz and The Trilogy Tapes, stepped up for us with a Truancy-themed mix inspired by the structure of Dre’s tapes from the ’80s: techno followed by rap followed by his own productions. Before RAMP Recordings puts out his debut album later in the year, Dro will self-release the “Vital Trails” EP on April 2nd on his Bandcamp“Vital Trails” sees him move away from his house and techno influences for a record that frames hip-hop as integral to club music rather than apart from it. We’ve waxed at length about Dro – and learned some pretty interesting things about the Australian cyberpunk aesthetic along the way – so we’re particularly happy to bring you this Truants exclusive. With its tightly woven drum patterns, low growling synth and mangled vocal snippet, “Casanova Breakneck” is a percussive whirlwind that with every listen seems to yield something new. Download it below, and grab the “Vital Trails” EP here.

Casanova Breakneck by TRUANTS

Words by Maya Kalev on 19 March 2013
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