Truancy Volume 234: Bergsonist

Moroccan producer Bergsonist, née Selwa Abd, keeps herself occupied – over the last few months, the New York based producer, DJ and curator has been working on preparing her tour (working with the likes of Room4Resistance and Omnidisc), and the release of the second Bizaarbazaar compilation which is available on Bandcamp here. The compilation features music by herself and a plethora of interesting artists such as IsabellaBookwormsVia App, Zoe McPherson and more. Bizaarbazaar is a platform that Bergsonist launched around nine years ago, aiming to amplify unique sonic aesthetics that often find themselves falling under the radar from hegemonic music platforms. “I’ve also been using Bizaarbazaar as a research studio, where I experiment with many different concepts and projects of which the compilation is one, following the aspirations of the first instalment that was released two years ago,” Selwa explains. She describes the compilation as an experiment that attempts to preserve musical content against the unpredictable mutations of the web. “It features the work of over 40 artists responding to the themes: ‘Sonic Fragments,’ and ‘Rhythmic Weaponry.’ While the first compilation was released on a double cassette and zine, BB#02 will be released on a t-shirt.”

Where Bizaarbazaar plays a big role in Bergsonist‘s life, it functions as a channel for her own music and that of her friends. This energy shines through in everything she does – very few artists would be able to keep up with her own creative output. Bergsonist‘s own productions sit in between the experimental and industrial, techno and house, but never settling. The last year saw a self-released EP called أ, a 12″ entitled Solyaris on Where To Now? – an ode to the present broken education system – and the fourth instalment Heat to Optimo’s Digital Danceforce series, a slow-burner on which she layers her own vocals over the title track. Currently, Bergsonist is hoping to create more music during her travels, telling us that is where she finds her inspiration. All the releases that have already been scheduled feature music from the vaults. One of these records is her second EP on Börft: “I’m so excited about this new upcoming Börft EP – all the tracks selected are favourites. Börft is re-releasing ‘Bomb Silicone’ which was self-released few months ago. I’m so excited to have it on vinyl. I love Börft and respect their work, vision and taste. It’s a big honour that they wanted to work again and focus on doing a solo EP. I’m really thankful that they asked me to take care of the art, as well. I also have two releases coming up – one will be a full-length release with Optimo, and the other one is an EP on Hypercolour.”

Bergsonist‘s Truancy Volume includes the likes of Rashad Becker, Drexciya, Riccardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer but most excitingly features five tracks by herself, including masters to aforementioned EPs and a live manipulation of P.M. Dawn’s “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss”. The mix also features a track she holds dearly that was made with her partner Greg Zifcak – the closing track is an effortless jam between the pair, created on the SH101 and TR-909. Describing the mix, Selwa says: “The idea behind this mix is to let go of things in life and go with the flow while being honest. Every time I DJ, I try to tell my story: it’s always different, but I always try to be true to my vision and aesthetic. I never DJ music to please an audience or please someone, I always play music I love 100% that I listen to a lot. Music that makes me cry and that inspires me to make my own; I never plan so much in advance. I don’t like to DJ just to DJ, but I like to DJ when I have something to say.”  Stream and download Bergsonist’s Truancy Volume above.

Josh Wink – Bring To Bear
AGF – MosQU-ito
Rashad Becker – Dances VI
Thomas P Heckmann – Hifi
Bergsonist – Electrolytes
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi – Rebounce
Murcof – Memoria (sutekh remix)
Lod – 4wd
Ahadadream – Dhol
Yak – Zephyr
B.O.P – Zabalaza
Laura Grabb – Untitled
Twizzler – Im A Fuck You Up (NY Acid Mix)
Dj Esp – Dr.J
Bergsonist & Greg Zifcak – A track
Jovonn – Ruff
Incognito – Nights Over Egypt (MAW remix)
Bergsonist – Bomb Silicone ( forthcoming Borft ep)
Kosh – Electronic Setups
Jensen Intercepter – Contact
Obergman – Sentinov
Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer Meet Shangaan Electro
Kid 606 – Ps I Dub Ya (Posterboys of The Apocalypse Remix)
Greg Z – Demonstration
Bergsonist – Jupiter Funds
Drexciya – Mantaray
P.M Dawn – Set Adrift On Memory Bliss (bergsonist live manipulation)



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