Recommended: Merci Jitter – Riddled Form

Merci Jitter, a creative platform based in London and Seoul, recently released a new compilation titled Riddled Form. The minds behind the crew aim to push multiculturalism and eclectic-ness in their music, in addition to physical installations. The collection of pieces in this new release presents an all-encompassing view of club music, covering a range of sounds with the hopes of highlighting how this type of music can project emotion in a powerful way. For Riddled Form, Merci Jitter recruited ten artists worldwide, including DJ JM, Kim Kate, Epic B and Cash From Hash. Despite these artists having uniquely different sounds, the individualism of their music adds to the multicultural element present in club music, something that Merci Jitter strived to place an importance on.

Overall, Riddled Form combines tunes with the intention of delving into themes of introspection, hedonism and voicing frustrated feelings towards artificiality and reality. “Untitled” is the opening track, which is quite fitting due to the ambiguous vibe that radiates throughout the tune. The obscure vocal snippets run alongside harsh drums, adding to a sense of curiosity about what is going on. At the halfway point, “Step Towards Nature” by Kombe enters and almost takes the listener into a different realm. The strategic placement of this piece after the fairy turbulent opening of Riddled Form creates incredibly vivid visual imagery of peaceful scenes, akin to meditative-like modes. As we progress further through the selection of tunes, the pace then picks up with HNRO and Ytem’s pieces presenting a darker mood, greatly contrasting to “Step Towards Nature”. Specifically Ytem’s “Malakoff Zoo”, which is very intense. A personal stand-out track that appears later is ‘Prague Bus’ by Goro and DJ JM. This collaboration is forceful, yet playful at the same time.

All in all, Merci Jitter have produced a well-thought out project that successfully conveys their desired narrative, presenting us with one of our favourite club compilations that we’ve come across in a while. 

Riddled Form is available to stream and download now.

Michelle Ulor