Truancy Volume 229: Byron The Aquarius

There are many ways to describe Byron The Aquarius and his music, whether it be taking to his array of musical influences, locations he’s resided in or his adept multi-instrumentalism, but perhaps the best way to get to the heart of it is the feeling and soulfulness of his output that pulls at our heartstrings on the dance floor like no other. With firm roots in being a trained jazz musician and keyboardist, hip-hop production and a background in arranging and producing, he first got into making house music through working together with producer Kai Alce in Atlanta. Since then, Byron has had his house releases appear on labels like Eglo, Wild Oats and Sound Signature over the years. His sets make waves by traveling through a broad spectrum of 4×4 music that hint towards the different genres that inform him, while still maintaining a cohesive house groove that speak to clubs and headphones universally.

This past year was filled with a lot of traveling and touring and saw him getting inspiration from global cultures, through digging for records and meeting artists alike. “This has all really inspired me on my creativity, and when I’m on the road I’m always creating with the gear I have with me: the MPC, Ableton Live, midi keyboards. It’s a journey of creation.” 2019 will see more of his new music released as well as foundations being formed for his own label Talk Noise Recordings. “I’m a be traveling more places spreading the good music and vibes. I’m just taking it one step at a time. Life is about patience so I’m just riding the spaceship!”

Byron’s “What up doe?” mix for Truants has been inspired by traveling around India which he just toured through for the first time. “That, and just positive vibrations that I want to share to people and new sounds from the artists I listen to like Funkineven, Kyle Hall and Anthony Nicholson. It’s pretty much just a map of music that I’ve been listening to. Each day I’m growing musically and traveling, these are the sounds and vibrations that keeps the day going for me.” It’s a mix that’s been created with midnight or 6AM vibes in mind, but could work differently depending on the person. “I leave that to the people, if you feel me. All vibrations!”


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Sindhuja Shyam

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  1. Hello there! Is there a track list for the Byron The Aquarius Truancy 229 Mix?
    I love that mix… especially the first song on it! I would very much appreciate your assistance in this very high regard! Please do respond most urgently… Respectfully So,
    Mauriece Boles

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