Recommended: Glass Knot – Present Tense

As far as new labels go, Foul-Up have had a great start after setting up shop in 2016. Following on from Beastie Respond’s data-driven LP of hybrid electronica, Information City, the latest release comes as a collaboration from label head Nicolai Vesterkær Krog and Lasse Bjørck Volkmann. The Danish pair are also known for previous releases on Foul-Up as Misantrop and Metalized Man respectively, though as Glass Knot the duo bring their shared vision together for the first time, resulting in the new album titled Present Tense.

The record is a batch of seven instalments, all rife with the distinct, trippy and wonked-out flavours present in the label’s back catalogue. Opening track “Present Tense 1” sets the pace nicely; its playful synth – washing over off-kilter drum patterns – compels the listener to work hard and get into the groove. Once it reaches terminal velocity, the rewards are wholly satisfying. This sentiment rings true throughout the album. Working through it, each track seems to sit somewhere between conventional and curious. Straying too far from the threads that bind albums together is an all too easy pitfall for artists looking to push boundaries, however Glass Knot drift seamlessly from the industrial routines of “Present Tense 4” and “Present Tense 5” to the analogue sleaze of “Present Tense 3” and “Present Tense 7”.

Present Tense is a great debut for the two producers, brushing on an abundance of styles and influences while maintaining a real, tangible sense of continuity throughout. Classy, organised chaos.

Glass Knot – Present Tense is available now. Purchase here.

Jena Sivakuma